We welcome Andre Brutmann, long time friend and veteran photojournalist in the region, to our web. His Photo of the Week begins appearing this week in a small version on the table of contents page at and in a larger form at

Omer Shvilli's buying M-Systems, an Israeli flash memory maker who he says is tremendously undervalued right now on Wall Street. omer should know, since December, he's earned 75 percent on a virtual portfolio comprised of a handful carefully selected Israeli high-tech stocks. Check it out at

At there's a new settlement report from the Middle East Peace Foundation, while at there are two pieces -- one by Gershon Baskin, the other Zaqaria al Haq, the Jewish-Palestinian team that runs the Israel/Palestine Center for research and Information. One article points the way to continue negotiations, the other points out the need for both Palestinians and Israelis to recognize the other's humanity.

For those who missed it, the first part of Seeing Clearly in a Dusty Land, an essay by Robert Rosenberg on his first 24 hours in Palestine in more than a decade, is still up for reading at It includes reporting from Hebron's Shuhada Road, a meeting with Palestinian security boss Jibril Rajoub, and an angry conversation with Efrat Rabbi Shlomo Riskin.

There's plenty else new at Ariga -- Eric Lee's BibiWatch at -- the latest Middle East related news from the Pinkerton Security Services daily Risk Assessment wire at -- the box scores for the Israel National Football League's fifth week at -- the latest Top 30 International Pop Charts as played in Israel at -- and of course, at Ariga's front page, every weekend, the Gush Shalom message and David Tartakover's graphci of the week.

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Just in case I don't get around to another update in the coming couple of weeks, may this coming (Jewish) New Year bring with it some peac to us all.

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