Is Peace Possible?

Posted on Sep 27, 2019

As part of its work on justice and peace, the Justice and Peace Committee of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, has published a book entitled “Is Peace Possible?” The first part of the book addresses the question of who the Palestinian Christians are. Head of Justice and Peace Committee Patriarch Michel Sabbah believes that if the intentions are good, peace is just around the corner.

HB Mgr MICHEL SABBAH Head of the Justice and Peace Committee “Peace itself is possible and easy. For those who say I do not want peace, it is difficult and impossible. The Arab-Palestinian position today accepts the principle of two states for Israel and Palestine according to the 1967 borders. The solution is ready and easy.”

Regarding the city of Jerusalem and the holy places of the three monotheistic religions, Patriarch Sabbah said:

HB Mgr MICHEL SABBAH Head of the Justice and Peace Committee “Jerusalem is for all; hence no one may recapture Jerusalem and say it is for me only. God made it for the three religions. So how do you say it’s just for me? Jerusalem is for three religions and two peoples. Either the city remains one and everyone is equal, no one rules over the other, and its inhabitants are governed equally, and no one is better than the other. If you are unable to unite, and you want to divide, then divide it!”

Among the topics covered in the book is the identity crisis felt by the Christians in Israel.

HB Mgr MICHEL SABBAH Head of the Justice and Peace Committee “We are Christians and that is enough! This is what some persons say. I am a Christian in the State of Israel. However, Christianity or religion does not replace national identity. Christianity exists in the whole world and different countries. There is no Christian in the whole world who would say that my nationality is Christian. As for my nationality, I belong to a people and a certain land, and here I belong to the Palestinian Arab people.”

Generations are looking for their identity, and peace is waiting for the generations that are looking for it.

HB Mgr MICHEL SABBAH Head of the Justice and Peace Committee “The seeds of hope are in some Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals who have a peace visions, but to date their number is small, and the decision is not theirs. Today we are in the hands of the irrational, and they will not make peace. If wise people take power, they will make peace.”

Through its book “Is Peace Possible?”, the Peace and Justice Committee makes her voice heard, “a voice of one calling in the wilderness”.