US Catholic Bishop and other religious leaders travel to Iraq

in violation of UN/US sanctions against Iraq.

The Voices In The Wilderness ...To Baghdad

August 27, 1997

We thank The Voices In The Wilderness and all those Organizations who work tirelessly and risk imprisionment by the United States for helping the People of Iraq and challenging the unjust sanctions imposed upon Iraq by the UN (United States). We hope that The Arab Governments and The Muslim States will the courage do the same.

Ibrahim Ebeid Arab-American Democratic Committee.

Subject: 7th VitW delegation to Iraq 9/1/97 Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 15:30:26 -0700 (PDT) From: Kathleen Kelly <>

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US Catholic Bishop and other religious leaders travel to Iraq in violation of UN/US sanctions against Iraq

Chicago--Calling for an immediate end to the suffering and death caused by the UN/US imposed sanctions against Iraq, Detroit Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and six other US religious leaders will travel to Iraq, departing September 1, 1997, to break the embargo by delivering $15,000 of donated medicine to Iraqi children and families. Delegation members are departing from Chicago, Detroit, New York and Geneva. The group will return to the US on September 12, 1997.

The US Treasury Department has warned campaign members that they risk 12 years in prison and a one million dollars fine if convicted of violating the US sanctions. Voices in the Wilderness, a campaign to end the UN/US sanctions against Iraq, has sent six previous delegations to Iraq, since March, 1996.

"I hope my trip will highlight the suffering of the Iraqi people and help us tell their story to US people," said Bishop Gumbleton. "We've seen the horrifying conditions of children dying without adequate medicines, equipment or treatment," said Rev. Bob Bossie, SCJ, a co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness who is traveling to Iraq for the fourth time since December, 1990. "Their agony is a direct result of the embargo which has destroyed Iraq's formerly progressive medical infrastructure."

Commenting on responsibility for the suffering, Pax Christi State Council member Chuck Quilty (Rock Island, IL)said, "We believe that all US people are responsible for the US/UN policy which holds the innocent children of Iraq as dying hostages to US government oil policy objectives." Sr. Eileen Storey, SC, (NY), traveling for the 11th time to Iraq, says the sanctions constitute child abuse because of the large number of children who are dying or being permanently crippled by malnutrition and disease resulting from this siege.

Other group members are: Tom Malthaner (NY) and Randy Bond (MI) of Christian Peacemaker Teams, and Kathy Bergen, (PA), head of the Quaker's Middle East Education program for the American Friends Service Committee.

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