Why Iraq was Targeted ?

Tue, 26 Aug 97

Forwarded message: From: ebeid123@bellatlantic.net (Ibrahim Ebeid)

Some might wonder why Iraq was targeted and why the Severe sanctions were imposed ?. We belive Iraq was targeted because Iraq has challenged the United States and Britain in building its economy and arming itself with modern technology. ....and ofcourse the United States does not need an Arab Country, or a third world country to advance, and give hope for the rest of the Arab World to have its chance to advance and achieve its aspiration for a better life. Unity of the Arabs to the West and especailly to the U.S.is a nightmare. America wants the Arabs to be week, divided and banckrupt to force the Zionist plans on us in Palestine.America, indeed is delivering its promices to the Arabs who stood up with it in its criminal war against Iraq. America is delivering Mini Palestines with no Palestine. I believe it is time for the Arabs to wake up and salvage what is left. Iraq or any country in the world has the right to develop and build it self.

Ibrahim Ebeid The Arab-American Democratic Committee

U.N. arms experts end ``important'' work in Iraq

Aug 26, 1997

BAGHDAD, Aug 26 (Reuter) - United Nations arms inspectors have completed ``very important'' work to close remaining gaps in Iraq's prohibited weapons, a U.N. arms official said on Tuesday.

Nils Carlstrom, director of Baghdad Ongoing Monitoring and Verification Centre, said that three different U.N. teams left Iraq on Tuesday after conducting several inspections. He said a new team arrived on Monday.

``The three teams which have left today have done very important work,'' Carlstrom told Reuters.

He said tasks of these teams were part of a plan agreed upon between the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM), in charge of dismantling Iraq's arms of mass destruction, and Iraqi officials in July.

``There have been no big problem since (UNSCOM's chairman Richard) Butler has agreed with Iraq on a working plan,'' he said. ``They have given the documents they asked for and interviewed the people they want to.''

Carlstrom said Butler would come to Baghdad on September 5 to ``assess result of the one-month working plan he agreed on with Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister (Tareq Aziz).''

He said a chemical team comprised of seven experts arrived in Iraq on Monday. The team, led by Dutch Cis Wolderbeek, will stay for a week.

UNSCOM has often said that Iraq has not yet revealed all secrets about its past weapons warfare capabablities. Baghdad says it has nothing to hide.

U.N. curbs on Iraq's oil export imposed for Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait cannot he removed until UNSCOM testifies that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have been annihilated or rendered harmless.

The United Nations has allowed Iraq since December partial oil exports worth $2 billion over six months to raise money to buy food and medicine for Iraqis.