Born in Iraq, Jalal Sabbagh graduated form Baghdad University in 1964, and worked as an English and Arabic teacher in Iraq and Kuwait.

In 1968 he married his sweetheart Hilda and, in February 1969, they celebrated the birth of their daughter Siba.

In 1971 he emigrated to the United Stated, where a year later his son Mason was born.

1975-1978, he attended De Paul University, majoring in English Literature and Philosophy.

He served as president of the Arabic Students Association until his departure from Chicago.

In 1979 he moved his family to California, settling in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendora.

In 1995, he published his book, Al Skoot in Arabic. To purchase the book, please, write or Email

Email: MSabb10305


Jalal Sabbagh

P.O. Box 991

Glendora, Ca. 91740