Third U.N. official in Iraq to resign in protest!
From: (Voices in the Wilderness)
February 15, 2000


Hello Friends--

By now, most of you may have heard about the great success of yesterday's demonstration at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.  Between 250-300 attended the demonstration and 86 were arrested and reporters from Time magazine, CNN, AP, Fox, ABC, and UPI were on hand to cover the events.  Below you'll find links to the media coverage.

Many of the reports of the protest piggy-backed news that the top United Nations official in Iraq, Hans Von Sponeck, decided to resign.  Mr. von Sponeck is the second Humanitarian Cordinator in Iraq to resign in protest of the sanctions (Denis Halliday was the first).

Now we have gotten word that Jutta Burghardt, the head of the U.N.'s World Food Program in Iraq has just resigned her post, also in protest.

We are asking.....actually, begging you to take this rare and important opportunity to write and call your local newspaper editors or any reporters you think would write an article or op-ed about this story.  Give them our office number (773-784-8065) and we can supply updated information on the resignations. Links to the AP and Reuters reports on the resignations are also listed below.

Please help us assure that this story is not ignored.  Grass roots efforts helped publicize Dennis Halliday's resignation and enabled him to speak out against the sanctions across the US and Europe.  We're not sure how much speaking Mr. von Sponeck and Dr. Burghardt will be prepared to undertake, but it seems wise to encourage US Congresspeople to seek hearings and invite testimony from each of these courageous diplomats.

Should you find that the links below aren't helpful, let us know and we'll send you the actual text of these any documents you can use.  Let us know also what successes you have.

Thank you and Good luck!

Jeff Guntzel and Kathy Kelly, for Voices in the Wilderness


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