What will happen if?

                              Mon, 02 Feb 1998

I came accross this most important piece of information regarding the zionist plan towards Iraq. It
was published in Roger Garaudy's new book on Palestine.

We have an accurate testimony from an article of the revue "Kivounim" (Orientations) published
in Jerusalem by "The World Zionist Organization" on "the strategic plans of Israel for the 80's":

"As a centralized body, Egypt is already a corpse, especially if one takes account of the ever more
violent confrontation between muslims and christians. Its division into distinct geographical provinces
must be our political objective for the 90's, on the western front.

Once Egypt has been thus dislocated and deprived of central power, countries like Libya, Sudan and
others farther away will experience the same dissolution. The formation of a Coptic state in Upper
Egypt, and of small regional entities of little size is the key to a historic development which has been
slowed down by the peace agreement, but is inescapable in the long term.

In spite of appearances, the western front presents fewer problems than the one in the east. The
partition of Lebanon into five provinces... Will prefigure what will happen all over the Arab world.
The disintegration of Syria and Iraq into regions, based on ethnic or religious criteria, must be, in the
long term, a primary goal for Israel, the first step being the destruction of the military power of these

The ethnic structures of Syria expose it to a dismantling which could lead to the creation of a Shiite
state along the coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo region and another one in Damascus, and a Druze
entity which might hope to constitute its own state - perhaps on our Golan - in any case with Houran
and the north of Jordan... Such a state would be, in the long term, a guarantee of peace and security
in the region. It is an objective which is already within our reach.

Oil-rich, and victim of internal strife, Iraq is in the Israeli firing line. Its dissolution would be, for us,
more important than Syria's, because it is Iraq which, in the short term, represents the more serious
threat for Israel."

Source: "Kivounim", Jerusalem, No. 14, February 1982, pp. 49 - 59