This INTERFAITH MESSAGE of St. Mary's Cathedral September 16th. 2000
Organized by Fr. labib Kobti
was signed by Jewish, Christian and Muslim / Community representatives

Please send the massage to your Religious, administrative community/organization or association representative and ask him or her to sign it.
We are trying to get signatures so as to send the message of the INTERFAITH COMMUNITY to the Board of Supervisors and representatives In San Francisco and Bay Area and different other places.
We want them to adopt a resolution to lift the Sanctions against the children of Iraq.
The example of SF hopefully will be example of many other cities Nation Wide. Your signature will help us to build that and we will sign with you when you sign with us. Hand in hand we can help bring Justice, Peace and Truth.

THANKS for your support.

HERE IS THE TEXT and already the personalities who have signed the message:

Interfaith Appeal on Behalf of Iraq

We, the religious leaders of mosques, churches, synagogues, and temples of various faiths, implore you to become involved in stopping the immoral sanctions against Iraq that are killing so many innocent children.
UNICEF statistics show that over 700,000 children have died because of economic sanctions since they were put in place 10 years ago.
US Religious leaders have condemned the sanctions against Iraq as an immoral tool of national policy:
- The sanctions have inflicted indiscriminate and unacceptable suffering on the Iraqi people. They violate a fundamental principle of engagement in conflict -- the prohibition of military attacks on the innocent.
- It is incumbent on the United States, as the chief proponent of sanctions, and on the United Nations Security Council, to terminate promptly the economic embargo against Iraq.
- We cannot turn a deaf ear to the suffering of the Iraqi people or a blind eye to the moral consequences of current US policy.

Our inaction will further delay, or our actions will hasten, the lifting of sanctions against Iraq.
Please use your voice and join with us in demanding an end to the embargo, an end to sanctions.
Write to your representatives and urge their support for ending sanctions and providing relief now.
Ask them to cosponsor HR 3825, the Humanitarian Exports Leading to Peace act. Please speak about our Interfaith message to your family, friends, and neighbors.
Ask your religious congregation and your organizations to take some action on behalf of the children of Iraq.
The Board of Supervisors in Santa Clara County as well as many other government bodies have passed resolutions against the Sanctions.
We call on the San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa Boards of Supervisors to pass such resolutions.
Please join us in this important struggle.
Please demonstrate your leadership in this area of social justice.
As our prayers are with the people of Iraq, oppressed by their own government and persecuted by international policy, so we pray also for our fellow citizens in the United States and for world leaders; may they match moral means with moral ends. PLEASE ADD your signature below, and send it back to us by email.
1) Rabbi Burt Jacobson, Kehilla Community Synagogue
2) George Wesolek, Director Office of Public Policy, Archdiocese of SF
3) Shahed Amanullah, United Musims of America
4) Fr. Labib Kobti, St. Anne's Arab-American Catholics and St. John of God pastor
5) M.Haeeb Rizvi American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice
6) Rev. Lyle W. Grosjean, Peace and Justice commision, Episcopal Diocese of CA
7) Marie Pascale, Ressurection Steward of Liturgy.
8) Iftekhar A. Hai, Director of Interfaith Relations, United Muslims of America
9) Souleiman Ghali, Director and Imam of San Francisco Islamic Center.
10) Maria Espinosa, Projects ENCOUNTER, Spanish NGO For Development.
11) Hana Rustom Archbold, Sr. Product Architect, Ceon Corporation
12) Salah Mansour,
13) The Rev. Dr. David C. James, Vicar/ St. Mark's Episcopal Church of Tracy
14) Rateb Y. Rabie, President, The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, Washington, DC
15) Kay Cavagnaro, member of St. John of God's Peace and Justice Committee
16) Ismail Bustany, Justice and Peace
17) Edward W. Miller, MD, columnist and free-lance writer
18) Emilia D'Anzica, Promotions and Event Coordinator
19) Michael Cain, editor, The DAILY CATHOLIC,
20) Abeer Rafidi, Executive Director, Arab Cultural Center, SF
21) Mohammad Herzallah, American muslim Alliance, SF
22) Carolyn S. Scarr, board member, Ecumenical Peace Institute/Clergy & Laity Concerned
23) Rev. James R. Lewis, Pastor, Christian Bible Fellowship
24) Wadie Abunassar - Secretary General of the Great Jubilee for the Catholic Bishops, Jerusalem
25) Rania Masri, Raleigh, NC, USA
26) Fr. Louis Wahbeh, Latroun Monestary, Palestine
27) G. Simon Harak, S. J. West Side Jesuit Community, SF
28) Edgar and Linda Ayala
29) Roberta McLaughlin, St. John of God Catholic Community,Peace and Justice Committee
30) Jim McLaughlin, Maryknoll Affiliate, SF Bay Area
31) Julia and Peter Menard-Warwick, Holy Spirit Parish/Newman Center
32) P.J.J.Antony, Catholic Lay activist, Alleppy, Kerala, India
33) Doug Benbow, Director of Liturgy/St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
34) Rev. Lawrence and Ms. Mary Hansen,Community of Christ the Living Bread Cana House
35) P.J.J.Antony, Catholic Lay activist, Alleppy, Kerala, India
36) Biju John N, Catholic fm Vicariate of Arabia, Doha, Qatar.