Our Iraqi policy is right out of a current hit movie from Hollywood

BY David McLau Small Town USA

January 26, 1998

Our Iraqi policy is a case of the U.S. waging the dog, straight out of current movie hit "Wag The Dog " , where a U.S President distracts the media away from a story about his sexual indescretions by fabricating an international crisis.

By David McLau

I just saw an excellent movie, "Wag The Dog". It is about a President, concerned about his standing in the polls, who manipulates the media to distract it from it's attention to his alleged sexual indescretions with a girl scout. His team fabricates a crisis with Albania, which is accused of terrorism with a weapon of mass distruction. The embarrassing girl scout story soon drops out of prime time news. Sound familiar ?

I strongly recomend the movie as one of the best of the year. But, then again, you could have watched almost the same movie on CNN , with it's promotion of the Iraqi crises each night on the T.V. when this cirsis flared up two weeks ago !

Two weeks ago in the news the U.S. and Britain were making statements concerning Iraq's aleged testing of biological weapons on prisoners. Was it any coincidence that President Clinton was prepareing for his deposition to be taken in the Paula Jones civil litigation against him that week ? Of course that Iraq news story has been replaced now by Clinton's new scandal.

But before all of this, the headlines delt with Iraq's alleged testing of biological weapons on prisoners. "The report is very disturbing " ,said the State Department. But, what "disturbing" report are they talking about ?

There was no such "disturbing" report ! And CNN never bothered to find out back then , did they ? Even the UN now says that there is no such evidence.

All we had was Scott Ritter's UN inspection team searching an Iraqi prison for records. Mr. Ritter was asked what he was searching (fishing) for. He replied , " records of biological testing on prisoners".

He found nothing ! An Iraqi diplomat replied that there is no such testing. This type of "inspection" could go on for decades. Already we have killed 750,000 Iraqis because of these sanctions. How many more must we kill ?

Where is the "disturbing" report about testing on prisoners ? I want to see it ! Again that week in the news the U.S. said that it had pictures of possible results of the testing on humans. But, where are the pictures ? It has been two weeks. Are they being manufactured out on some Hollywood sound stage, just like in the movie ?

Is it any coincidence that the United Nations that week was in the process of voteing on a resolution to condemn Iraq for failing to allow Mr. Ritter's totally unbalanced team to continue that week ? Was this "disturbing report" and the alleged pictures designed to influence the UN vote against Iraq ? Is this a case of smoke and mirrors, just like in the movie "Wag The Dog" ?

Isn't it a fact that Iraq had a good point when it said that the team was unballanced, as follows ? :

9 Americans

5 Great Britains

1 Russian

1 Australian

The team has quietly been withdrawn. So, Iraq must have been correct !

But, the question is , now that Clinton has a new scandal, an even bigger scandal, will it require an even bigger international crisis to divert attention away from his problems ? Can we now expect him to actually use the military force he has over there in the Gulf, even though all of our allies' and France ,Russia and China are totally opposed and will certainly veto such actions in the UN ?

I hear Bill Richardson, our UN Ambassodor trying to persuad them that such action is necessary " to protect the cretability and intregrity of the United Nations " .

But, how dare the United States make such an argument, when it has used it's veto power in the UN for the last 30 years to protect Israel from sanctions for it's illegal occupation of the West Bank and Golan Heights and it's displacement of the Palestinian people ! Just last Spring the U.S. used it's veto to protect Israel on two occasions. Israel's occupation is against International law. We have 2 UN resolutions , 242 and 338, that require Israel to get out. We have UN resolution 194 that requires Israel to let the 2 million Palestinian refugees return home. When are these resolutions going to be enforced with real sanctions against Israel ?

No Mr. Richardson. The UN has lost credability long, long ago thanks to our Zionist controled middle east policy , and thus, their control of our UN veto power !

And back to Iraq, why should Iraq be judged by it's adversaries with their control over when the sanctions will be lifted ? Are we the only people who are expert in this field ? And, I have yet to hear the U.S. deny that Mr Ritter is a CIA spy. We have only Mr. Ritter's word on it. Perhaps he really was a spy ! Even the Washington Post carried a story that week about Mr. Ritter being a troublemaker when he was a military intellegence officer durring Desert Storm. Perhaps Iraq has been right all along ?

Isn't it true that the Unscom Commission requires the member states to pay the way for their individual inspectors who are picked for the team ? And that the U.S. and Britain are the only countries willing or able to pay their way ? And that a further requirement is that they speak English ? And that is why there are so many Americans and Brits on the team , since it is our forign policy that these inspectors are actually implementing. The rest of the world could care less about whether Iraq has such weapons. It didn't even matter much to us back in the 1980's when Iraq was alleged to have used such weapons on Iranians.

Why all of the big fuss now ?

Perhaps if the U.S. paid it's UN debt of $ 1 billion the Unscom team could be more balanced, since it could then be paid for out of the general funds , thus allowing for other countries to participate ! We would then be over this artificial crisis with Iraq which our President seems to trump up every time he gets in trouble.

David McLau Small Town USA