Ekeus and the Iraqi Children

August 3 , 1997

An Open Letter to Mr. Richard Butler.

From The Free Arab Voice

Dear Mr.Richard Butler,

The embargo was unjustly imposed upon Iraq by the U.N.(U.S.) and Mr. Ekeus was responsible for prolonging the suffering of the Iraqi people. Iraq has met all the requirements for lifting the sanctions, but he created more and more problems by fabricating more lies to prolong the embargo,and the war of genocide against the Iraqi people.

Mr.Ekeus became the operator of the death machine that starves the entire nation and kills more than five thousand children, a month, under the age of five years old.

Iraq was not obstructing his work, the Iraqi officials were cooperating with him and with his committee, they were doing their utmost to facilitate his mission, and many times he has admitted so, but as soon as he was leaving, he started creating problems on mere suspicions, and doubts.

Ekeus had stated in his last report, that little remained unknown about Baghdad's nuclear, biological, chemical and ballistic missile potential, but what was unknown could still cause devastating damage and casualties.

Also he added that if a single missile warhead were filled with antrax, an infectious animal disease that can spread to humans, "millions of lethal doses could be spread in an attack on any city of the region,".

He cannot build facts on assumptions on ifs and ifs.

The facts Mr.Butler, that he was ignoring are:

The entire nation is being punished and put to starve by him and his likes.

More than 700,000 children have died ,in the last six years at the average of 5000 a month.

The medical facility in Iraq, which was the best in the Middle East, is now on the verge of collapsing.

The lethal disease that is spreading in Iraq is not caused by gas, it is caused by the lethal embargo that hewas prolonging to satisfy his friends in Washington and in London.

Now we have a new man in charge. We hope that he stands for his words and be free of any pressure to deviate him from his path. We hope that he will convey the truth to help eliminate the genocide imposed on Iraq by the United Nations ( United States )

Mr. Butler, the embargo has killed more than a million people, let your conscience be the judge, and put humanity and facts above all interests Mr. Butler we will hold you responsible for your words '

``The spirit has been good, the tasks have been set and the proof will be in those outcomes,'' Ibrahim Ebeid Arab American Democratic Committee P.O.Box 3053 Guttenberg N.J.07093 U.S.A.