Look what happened to Clinton and Peace Process

" Right when Clinton was finally in a position this week to put pressure on Israel to give back the land it stole from Palestinians , look what happened ! "

by David McLau

24 January 1998

" There is no chance that Clinton will put the pressure on now. The most pro Israel President in history needs all of his Zionists supporters just to get him out of this mess. "

Of course President Eisenhower didn't hesitate to put pressure on Israel, and it's partners France and Great Britain, to get them out of the Suez after their invasion of Egypt in late 1956. Eisenhower wasn't afraid , and he did put the pressure on without a worry of retalliation from the weak Israel lobbby back then.

But, Eisenhower was the last US President to stand up to the lobby. Durring that crisis, President Ike had threatened to cut off all tax exemption for the millions of needed donations to Israel from US citizens. Israel was out of the Suez lickity-split, within days in early 1957.

Before that there was President Truman ,with the desperation of re-election and with Clark Clifford's advice, but against George Marshall's advice, who had struck a bargain and recognized Israel's statehood in 1948. But, this was more of a mutual bennefit deal for both Israel and Truman.

Since the days of Eisenhower, the Israelli lobby has gotten a lot smarter and a lot stronger, and they have tried to control US Presidents any way they could.

In 1973, just when President Nixon ,being immune from the lobby in his second term was in a position to put presure on Israel , what do we get ? Watergate ! And with the pro Israel Washington Post leading the way. Nixon's second term essentially never happened. Another mideast war followed as a result ,as the Arabs tried to get back their land in October of that year.

Just when President Carter was starting to put pressure on Israel's Primeminister Begin to stop the settlements in 1980 and proceed with the second part of Camp David, which specified peace with Israel's other neighbors, what do we get ? We get the "bad press treatment " from Israel's Zionists supporters, such as ABC's Nightline, with Ted Kopple and Barbara Walters, night after night , the Iran hostage situation, for one entire year. Meanwhile, Israel made sure that there would be no October surprise release of the hostages that might swing the election back to Carter, who would be sure to put more pressure on Israel in his second term. But, of course, the second term never happened.

Just when President Bush, in a possible second term, might have been in position to again put pressure on Israel , what do we get in 1992 ? Well , how is this for starters ? William Safire , NY Times writter who leads Israel's "Amen corner" in our country , all of a sudden becomes a Bill Clinton supporter. That's right ! Never mind that Mr. Safire is a life long conservative Republican and former speach writer for President Nixon. Now he likes that liberal Clinton ! And Clinton wins in 1992. No second term for that anti-Israel Bush ! And thus ,no pressure on Israel !

And then one month after the 1992 election what do we get from Mr. Safire ? Well, that was the strart of Mr. Safire's incessent 2 year Whitewater expose', whereby for a period of 2 years Mr. Safire wrote about nothing else except Whitewater ! Everyday !

I thought he liked Bill Clinton !

And where was Safire getting all of his inside info durring that time ? Some say it was from none other than Vincent Foster, the Whitehouse insider, who when confronted by Hilliary Clinton with the leaks appearing in Safire's columns later commited suicide. But, we don't know that for sure about Mr. Foster, other than the record and writings of Mr. Safire, which can't be disputed durring that time.

What better way to control a President than to keep him week under constant threat of some scandal ?

And now look what we have with Bill Clinton this week, right when he finally was in a position to put pressure on Israel to give back the land it stole from Palestinians ? It's another scandal that will tie the Presidents' hands. Does this explain why he was so friendly with Mr. Netanyahu when the two met this week and Israel was supposed to come up with an exact amount of land to give back, but defied the US once more ? I thought there was supposed to be a big showdown with Nethanyahu !

There is no chance that Clinton will put the pressure on now. He needs all of his Zionists supporters just to get him out of this mess, just like they did back in 1992 with the Jennifer Flowers scandal.

Some would say that Clinton was not going to put the pressure on Israel anyway. But, at least he was free and in position to do so. And one must remember that he has resisted Israel's call to proceed directly to the final status talks. Now, all bets are off.

Clinton had advance knowledge of the breaking scandal as early as last Friday ,January 16th. It was Newsweek magazine that was about to break the story, but held back only to allow Mr. Star, the special prosecutor ,more time to possibly entrap Vernon Jordon and the President with another wire , as Mr. Star already did to Ms. Lewinsky . I personally no longer will be buying Newsweek Magazine ! Newsweek Magazine is also owned by the Washington Post.

Had they got to Mr. Jordon they would have the President for certain, and we would have Al Gore , who is a creation of the Israeli lobby, as our new President. We would have at least another 3 more years of suffering for the Palestinians, with the Israelli lobby totally in control of our President, and probably another war over there too. And then it would be Mr. Gore's turn to seek re-election.

If Clinton can survive this ,and I think and hope that he will, there will be a big backlash against all of this intrusion into the President's private life. I am already tired of hearing about this story. And if he does survive , I hope he takes the opportunity to get rid of his Zionist advisers so we can get some justice for Palestinians.

David McLau

Small Town USA