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"Embargo should not be imposed on any nation ... It is a war against humanity and children suffer the most.." John Paul II

"Sanctions have taken the lives of well over one million persons, 60% of whom are children under five years of age" Statement signed by 54 US Catholic bishops to President Clinton

"This bombing campaign, together with the total embargo in place since August 1990 was, and is, an attack against the civilian population of Iraq. Such counter-population warfare has been unequivocally condemned by the most authoritative teaching body of the Catholic Church, The Second Vatican Council (1962- 1965). "Statement signed by 54 US Catholic bishops to President Clinton

"The number of malnourished children represents an increase of 72% since international sanctions were imposed on Baghdad." The Unicef Nov. 1997

"In those over five years of age, the increase (an excess of some 50,000 deaths yearly compared with 1989) is associated with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, liver or kidney diseases." UNICEF Report, 30 April 1998

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