Two encounters of Jerusalem Women's Interfaith Encounter in June and July

Our last WIE meetings took place at the Theological Swedish Institute as usually on June 4th and July 2nd.  Both meetings were dedicated to "Avraham/Ibrahim in  our scriptures and religious traditions."

At the first meeting Zenab gave us very interesting comments to the text from the Koran and presented the personality of Ibrahim and his importance in Islam. Felicie presented the classic biblical figure of Abraham, as described in the Torah.  Lucy gave us the Christian point of view quoting Old and New Testament texts.

Due to the holiday season we were a small group, the atmosphere was very warm and friendly. All participants agreed to continue discussing this topic and expressed their wish to develop it further.  

After the break, we all enjoyed a touch of humor, seeing the 2006 Academy Award short film "West Bank Story", a satirical comedy.

During our next meeting - July 2nd - more comments and traditions regarding Abraham/Ibrahim - the father of our monotheistic religions - were brought forward by the participants, including the important women in this biblical story: Sarah and Haggar.  Again it was of utmost interest to see the differences between the Jewish and Muslim narratives.  

All participants acknowledged having learned something about another religion and sometimes about their own traditions as well.

At both meetings we enjoyed the refreshments and light food brought by Saheer and some of our members.

Best regards and wishing you a good month,

Evelyne and Saheer


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