Posted on Feb 21, 2017

Dr. Frank Romano, University of Paris, writes:

You are welcome to participate in The Interfaith Freedom March, on Friday, March 17th, 2017. The group will meet at 12:30 pm ———- in front of the Ramallah, Central Mosque, West Bank, Palestine, in downtown Ramallah, and then march toward “Al-Monara Square.”

My friends, it’s no longer possible to say, “Ah, that’s the other side of the World, what does this place have to do with me, my family, my world….”

The people in the Holy Land, Muslims, Jews and Christians alike, are enshrouded by deep suffering, terrible restrictions on freedoms, limitation of circulation, restricted access, unfair confiscation of land, water, etc. The occupation by the apartheid state of Israel is asphyxiating Palestine. Whenever that happens in the World, we all suffer because I truly believe, my friends, we are all connected.

When they are free (of suffering, etc.), only then can we be free!

The unbridled support of the present US government of the Israeli government, enhancing Israeli settlements, taking more Palestinian lands, continuing cruel persecution of Palestinians and the present US policy to promote the switch of the US embassy to Jerusalem as well as exclude immigrants from some Muslim countries — is enough for us to TAKE TO THE STREETS. So, I invite you to JOIN ME.

Dr. Frank Romano
Professor, University of Paris
Member of the French and California Bars
Author of: “Love and Terror in the Middle East, 4th Ed.”, Contact: