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The LORD is close to the brokenhearted, saves those whose spirit is crushed.  --Psalm 34:19
If Popes visits only the Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, along with several mosques but fails to visit Gaza, his visit to the Holy Land will disappoint people all over the world.
Pope John Paul II visited Dehesheh Refugee Camp during his visit to the Holy Land and promised to help the Palestinians. Now, nearly a decade later, it is time for Pope Benedict XVI to visit Gaza and speak out strongly for justice and truth.
Palestinians in the Gaza-Prison, who number one-and-a-half million, are asking the Pope to visit them. Please support their plea by sending over one-and-half-million letters to the Pope in the Vatican.
We must not go backward, we must go forward.

Visiting Gaza would be going forward in terms of the Palestinian issue of justice and peace.

Not visiting Gaza would be going backward and falling short of the expectations of the whole world.

It is then imperative that the Pope visit Gaza during his trip to the Holy Land. The Pope would show his love for peace and justice. He would prove to the world that nobody is above the love of Christ for the people most in need. And who is more in need than the people of Gaza now?
Please, friends, write letters, sign letters, make appeals, speak out on YOU TUBE, call the bishops, the Patriarchs, the Cardinals, the Nuncios of your own capitals all over the world; write to the Vatican and CALL FOR THE VISIT OF THE POPE TO GAZA.
Let us make this effort our campaign all over the world. Use the links below for contact information:

Call the news papers, the Satellite TVs, Walk the streets, write on every corner.

"Pope is welcomed ONLY IF HE VISITS GAZA".


Monsignor Labib Kobti

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Rationale: The Pope should visit Gaza because...
... every person in the world who knows about the suffering of the people of the Holy Land is morally INVOLVED simply by knowing about it;  inaction contributes to the continuing suffering of the people of the Holy Land
... the Pope [his name means Father and he is also referred to as the Holy Father]  is obliged to visit his suffering children; by not going to Gaza, if he is permitted to do so,  seems to avoid following in the footsteps of Christ for them.
... Pope John Paul II visited Dehasheh Refugee Camp in Bethlehem  in 2000 and promised the refugees to revisit them. Gaza has the largest Palestinian refugee camp, Pope Benedict XVI should honor the promise of his predecessor.  [What a day at Dehehsheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, March 22, 2000! See http://www.al-bushra.org/vatican/muna.htm]
... the Catholics of Gaza want their father the Pope to visit them, and the other Christians and Muslims deserve to be visited as needy people; the Pope needs to bring them hope and support.
... many Jews, Christians and Muslims, literally millions of people, want the Pope to visit Gaza; the Pope cannot visit the Holy Land without visiting the most needy in the Holy Land; such an omission  would appear to  be an oversight and an injustice, a  mistake, and leave a hint of failure in this peace mission
... visiting Yat Vashem, the Jewish Holocaust memorial, on the occasion of 60th anniversary of the Nabka while ignoring the Palocaust (the LIVING Palestinian Holocaust  in Gaza) overlooks the suffering Palestinian people of Gaza.
... visits to mosques, temples, and churches, and archeological sites [dead stones] in the Holy Land will not satisfy the thirst of the LIVING STONES who will be disappointed if the Pope does not visit Gaza.
... we love the Pope and we do not want his visit to the Holy Land to leave any opening for criticism; the Pope needs to visit Gaza, or perhaps decline from going to the Holy Land. (This is the opinion of over one billion people shared all over the world.  Please visit Google.com http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Pope+visit+to+gaza&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq
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Voice of the People and the Press

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I am personally pleased that Pope Benedict XVI is going to Palestine/Israel. I pray that this will be a step toward peace. I would ask that the Pope speak out for peace. If he challenges Israel on its aggression, its murder of Palestinians in Gaza, its ignoring of International laws for human rights -- this is not anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic. It is basic human rights, working for peace, and holding Israel responsible to its signature of the Geneva Conventions. It also brings Israel much closer to its religious values rather than terrible killing, stealing, and war rather than peace, and human rights. The country where Jesus lived is being desecrated by the Israeli actions. Let the words of the Prince of Peace live again.  Please ask the Pope to be a spokesman for peace. Salaam.

Bonnie Jones Shinneman 


Your Holiness,


      Warm greetings and best wishes.  Your upcoming Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is in the news:  Pope to visit Ramallah during trip to Israel | World news.  Your Pilgrimage in May is helping to keep hope alive in the hearts of Christians ... both Catholics and Protestants.  All of us remember the Pilgrimage Pope John Paul II made in March of 2000.  When your predecessor made his Pilgrimage, he made no mistakes.  He did everything right.  He knelt at the Western Wall and prayed for God to forgive Christians for all the injustices  we've done to Jews over the centuries.  He then turned to reporters and apologized to the Jews (for the 26th time according to Peter Jennings) for all the world to hear.  When Israel's Chief Rabbi, Meir Lau, told reporters that the Pope's apology "was not sufficient", that the apology "did not go far enough", John Paul did not lose his dignity.  He took the Rabbi's comments in stride and continued on his Pilgrimage.  His Holiness traveled to Ramallah where he stood in solidarity with Yasser Arafat.  He addressed the People of Palestine and repeated a promise:  "The Church will continue to plead your cause throughout the world."  But ... alas ... six months later ... on 28 September 2000 ... in an outrageous and deliberate act ... Ariel Sharon provoked the Second Intifada.  Your Holiness, there has been a change in public opinion around the world since that fateful day.  The Zeitgeist has evolved.  The world is now painfully aware that there will be no security for Israel until there's justice for the Palestinians.  The time to render the justice that will make peace possible is NOW.


      A great deal of progress has been made on the political track.  The Carter Center has made significant contributions.  America's new President is determined that the Arab-Israeli issues be resolved in a comprehensive manner.  Palestine will form a national unity government in the very near future.  The International Community is involved like never before.  The Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 is still viable.  On March 27 the European Union warned that Israel's ties with the EU will suffer if Netanyahu does not accept the two-state solution.  Netanyahu is wise enough to avoid a collision with President Obama.  Progress has been made on the religious track, as well.  Sir, you're familiar with the peacemaking efforts of Roman Catholic organizations and institutions worldwide.  You're no doubt familiar with the peacemaking efforts of the World Council of Churches, the Churches for Middle East Peace and other Christian organizations (too numerous to mention) that are working in tandem with Jewish organizations to bring peace to the Holy Land.  Please see The Other Israel and www.gush-shalom.org.  Please study the websites of Jewish Voice for Peace.

The Reverend Roy Hayes [Episcopal]

Voices for Peace Movement: an appeal for peace [2007 video]

Petition asks Pope to visit Gaza Strip by Gerald Butt, Middle East Correspondent
MORE THAN 1600 people, from many parts of the world, had, by mid­week, signed a petition calling on Pope Benedict XVI to visit the Gaza Strip during his stay in the Holy Land in May. Read article.

An appeal to Pope Benedict to visit Gaza [March 2009 video] 


I think a visit to Gaza by the pope would send a wonderful message to the Israelis that the world has not forgotten about the people of Gaza. He too could serve as a witness to the carnage and destruction. It might also give the people of Gaza hope and let them know the outside world has not forgotten them. I will send this message out to my Catholic friends.


Heavenly Father, we praise and thank you for the opportunity you have given us to start an effort to convince our beloved Pope Benedict XVI to visit the strife torn territory Gaza Strip. We are concerned about the violence, the blood shed and the hatred that is engulfing the land. Our hearts feel the pain every time, a child, a mother or a father gets hurt or killed by weapons of war from both sides. Let the Holy Father be the instrument of your peace, "where swords will be beaten into plowshares."
We pray that this visit be a golden opportunity for men of goodwill, Christians, Israelis and Arabs alike to come together in peace, harmony and understanding. After all, we are all descendants of Abraham.
We seek your healing hand, and claim that if "Your people will humble ourselves, and pray, if we seek Your face and turn from our evil ways, You will hear from heaven and forgive our sins, and heal our land".
All these we ask in the mighty name of your son, Jesus Christ through the intercession of Mary, our Mother.  Amen.

Louie Segismundo, The Philippines


Happy Easter Pope Benedict XVI,


Please, on your visit to The Holy Land of Jesus' birth and ministry, please do visit the WEST BANK of PALESTINE and GAZA, especially.. There has been great suffering there now for 60 years.


Blessings in abundance to you and your ministry as you prepare now to walk in Jesus' footsteps in Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jericho,  Galilee, etc.


Rev. G. Vigrass, retired Faculty of the Quaker FRIENDS SCHOOLS  

(Christian mission) in  Ramallah (10 miles north of Jerusalem), Palestine

"Why the Pope Must Go to Gaza" by Dean Hudson, Director insidecatholic.com [click for opposingviews.com]
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20 February 2009


To:      His Holiness,

            Pope Benedictus XVI

            Vatican City


            Your Holiness,


There is no doubt that every Catholic, and every Christian, would be proud and anxious upon the Vatican announcement that His Holiness, the Head of the Catholic Church and Successor of St. Peter is planning to visit his/her country. We as Palestinian Christians, accept as true that the Pope, as a devoted Christian and a priest dedicated to the service of the Lord, has every right to come on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land which is blessed by the Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of the only Begotten Son of God, Our Lord Jesus Christ. The yearning of every Christian is to visit the Holy Places as a pilgrim and our desire is to see that every Christian visiting our country can fulfill his pilgrimage in freedom, peace and liberty of movement.


Under normal conditions, we would be very ecstatic and honored to hear that Your Holiness decided to make a pilgrimage to our beloved Holy Land; regrettably, we cannot at this time and under the current circumstances, express such normal and expected joy. We truly and sincerely believe that a Papal visit at this time would be politically misused, exploited and misinterpreted by the state of Israel, which is the occupying power over the Holy Land.


It is not only in light of the recent attack on Gaza that we object to Your Holiness’ visit to the Holy Land at this time. Although during the attack on Gaza, Israel have revealed itself once again as a vicious, cruel and tyrannical occupant; killing hundreds of children, mothers and elderly, destroying thousands of homes and displacing entire families; yet, we must add that the events of Gaza are only an incremental reason to why we, – and like us, thousands of Christian Palestinians – respectfully believe that Your Holiness should consider postponing your visit to Israel/Palestine.


We have read many lectures, pastoral letters, encyclicals and homilies that you taught or written during the past few years of your papacy. We admire greatly what we read. As an intellectual who uses his skills to pronounce the truth with courage and without compromising in any way the Catholic Belief and the core message of Our Lord, you make us proud of our Catholic Church leadership.


Convinced that such courage deserves only to be addressed in likewise fashion, we took it upon ourselves to address our letter to you with complete honesty and openness knowing that all our fellow Christians, with whom we discussed the issue of your visit, fully agree with us.


Hence, we, as Catholic and Christian Palestinians, believe that your Holiness visit to the Holy Land at this time would only serve to endorse the Israeli Government’s policies and atrocities, leading to more cooperation from the United States and Europe.  Your visit will serve the Israeli public relations mission to persuade the whole world that in the Palestinian Territories the Church is doing well and that peace is prevailing.  Facts on the ground however, are quite the opposite. Holy Father, anyone who has walked in the shoes of the Palestinian Christians in the occupied Holy Land can attest that most definitely this is not the case.


We all believe that before you could come on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, as the Head of the Catholic Church and the Successor of St. Peter (Christ), several issues should be resolved and cleared out with the Israeli Government among which are the following:


1.      We all believe that a visit of Your Holiness to the blessed Holy Land should highlight Jerusalem as a sacred city to our Christian faith but, as stressed by Heads of Churches here, should be shared and open to all with guarantees for freedom of religion, access to holy places and a modus Vivendi in which all religious and national communities in the city would live side by side without hindrance or discrimination.  


2.      The Churches and Church’s institutions in the Holy Land should alleviated from all taxations, given that they are religious establishments in the service of God and doers of good through their various and widespread charitable activities.  Even those Church institutions’ activities that are deemed by the government to be income generating, do not serve to accumulate wealth but rather help the religious orders to cover the other charity and very costly work of the Church, such as: orphanages, child and elderly care centers, hospitals, hospices, schools, etc…


3.      We are worried that Catholic and Christian clergy are often denied visas to enter Israel for Church related work. Seminary students, among others, coming from neighboring countries have difficulty in securing the needed entry permits. When these students secure entry, they face enormous difficulties in moving around within the country and in visiting their parents on family events, holidays and other occasions. It is also the unquestionable right of the Church to have full freedom in appointing and sending to the Holy Land, any number of clergy that it believes is necessary for the pastoral and spiritual wellbeing of the faithful, the organization and administration of the various churches, sanctuaries, religious and church institutions. It is imperative that their movement between parishes is not delayed or hampered by the unnecessary check points. Besides the humiliating manner in which the clergy are treated at checkpoints, at Ben Gurion Airport and at other crossing points makes us indignant.  Restrictions on entry and re-entry visas must be normalized visas facilitated just as Jewish religious personnel are allowed free and easy passage.


4.      Palestinian Christians, being the native indigenous people of the Holy Land (citizens), have the right to freedom of movement without restrictions whatsoever. For a Christian means “a peaceful man who believes in the message of Our Lord: Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  The Christian Community cannot and should not be confined to barns and yards like a cattle or a flock, given permission twice a year to visit the Holy Places behind the Wall and to visit one’s family members. Our brothers and sisters in the West Bank have been confined to their villages and cities for many years now, unable to visit their immediate neighbors in Jerusalem and pray in the Holy Sepulcher or walk the Via Dolorosa.


5.      The Church always teaches that the family is the nucleus of the Church. Well, in the current situation of the Christians in the Holy Land, the family’s safety and chances to grow is threatened at its very basic roots: its right to originate. By this we mean the following:

a.    The Separation Wall, travel restrictions, Israeli military checkpoints, roadblocks and other Israeli procedures arbitrarily hinder movement of Palestinian Christians, affecting all aspects of communication and socialization which have greatly affected the family’s formulation. The most affected is Jerusalem with its 12,000 Christian inhabitants who are being denied access to the West Bank cities and villages, and thus are unable to meet and interact with their fellow Christians behind the Wall.  Chances to find a suitable wife/husband are becoming more difficult, threatening the basic roots of the Church’s well being and growth by making it difficult to start a family.


b.   In June 2002, the Israeli Government issued a “temporary law” depriving citizenship to the husband/wife of any Jerusalem / Israeli citizen. Practically, the wife/husband, who is from Bethlehem or Abboud and other West bank towns, will not be granted residency in Israel and therefore cannot come and live with the spouse. Basically, this means families cannot be formulated. This “temporary law” has been renewed to date – 7 years. What effects does this have on families? 


- Practically, a friend of ours – newly married - was stopped in Jerusalem by an Israeli military patrol. His wife from Beit Jala had been denied residency due to the “temporary law”, and thus did not have the necessary permits. He was fined €1,000 and was obliged to drive his wife back to her family’s house in Beit Jala and return to Jerusalem alone.


- Another Christian from Bethlehem married to a Jerusalem Christian and who has been married for 15 years. Five years after his wedding, he received approval for a temporary residency permit in Jerusalem to be renewed for 27 months. That was the common procedure. Today, because of the “temporary law”, he still receives a residency permit renewable every year. He is not allowed to drive a car, and is obliged to issue a special entry permit twice a year from the military offices in the West Bank. 


The number of families with such problems is more than 200 cases according to St. Yves Society, the Law Firm of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem.


c.    Our family members who were born in the holy city of Jerusalem are now being restricted entry through the boarders of Israel due to their residency status in other counties. In the best cases they are granted entry permit as tourists in their own city. Meanwhile, Jewish immigrants arrive in hundreds, dwell in East and Occupied Jerusalem, and are given citizenship with full rights. They are given the facility of easy payments for their new "home", car and jobs. 


It goes without saying that in some of the points mentioned above, our Moslem neighbors suffer as much as we do, in trying to have a normal life in the double standard society of the troubled Land we live in. It goes without saying that we all condemn all forms of violence from any side and that we only seek peace, freedom, equality and justice for all. A two-state solution has been the focus of the International community but its applicability is being hampered by the State of Israel.  Your Holiness, please note well that the philosophy and statements that the State of Israel makes to the international community is completely contrary to and not congruent with the actions and policies that it implements on the local level. We are running out of time and the latest circle of violence has only brought more radical leadership into power.


The recent sarcastic comedy show run by Leor Shlayinn portraying Our Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Mary, Mother of God, during her pregnancy and giving birth in very insulting ways both by description and photo show, are only an added reason to all the above.


Therefore, Our beloved and honored Holy Father, the question that we raise at this time is the following: Should you bless Israel with your visit, or should you instead follow the example of Our Lord when He visited the Temple, where men were selling the animals for sacrifices right there in the area of the temple; He knew this was not right and he did something about it?  The decision remains yours to make.


Please be assured that whatever your decision is, we will continue to honor and respect you, for we are and always will be a faithful branch in Our Lord’s vineyard.


Faithfully yours in Christ Our Lord,


The remaining Catholics and Christians in the Holy Land


Follows the names of forty (40) signatures, members of the Christian Community in the Holy Land.


            You are aware, we’re sure, of the spiritual meaning of the number 40 in the language of the Holy Bible, which expresses the time required for repenting, performing a sincere change of path and a correction of the deviation from the Will of God.

            As such, we all hope that all parties involved would live this “40 units” period, to truly repent their faults and injustice, paving the path for a well deserved visit and blessing from Your Holiness.


Submitted by Sami Awad, Executive Director

Holy Land Trust, Palestine

Pope Benedict xvi

I wish to speak to you with respect and honor, but that is very
hard to do today.

Your upcoming trip to the holy Land I beg of you to cancel -- to
postpone -- not to go -- unless you can go as the representative on
earth of Jesus who walked the earth with the ancestors of the
Christians of the holy Lands today -- the very people Jesus must
love with all his heart, who today are being tortured and massacred
in the cruelest possible ways by their occupiers the Zionist
Israeli government.

And yet instead of coming as David to Goliath or Moses to the
Pharaohs, or as Jesus to the moneychangers, you come kissing the
hands of those who massacre your people.

You are kissing the hands of the cruel Israeli government which has
wiped out most of the population of Christians and other
Palestinians from their own lands, while you turn your backs on
your own suffering and dying people whom you tell to, "resist
leaving." How can they "resist leaving" when their entire villages
are wiped out in massacre after massacre by the Zionists whose plan
is to make Palestine a Jewish only state at any cost and who are
succeeding because people of power like you are not only silent but
aid and abet their killers? Daily they are victims of snipers and
starvation while raw sewage runs in their streets - they have no
clean drinking water. They die of many reasons. Children long to die.

A Jewish Israeli academic Ilan Pappe wrote thoroughly about this in
his book T
he Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Please I beg of you to
postpone this trip and read this book and investigate yourself the
terrible anti-Christian government of Israel before visiting there.

And when you do go, go first to Gaza and to Msgr. Manuel Musallam
and his Holy Family Church -- reinstate him as pastor there -- and
tell the world what a holocaust has happened to God's people in the
HOLY lands, before you apologize to some modern-day murderers for
the suffering of their ancestors a half century ago by other people.

In Jesus' holy Name, I ask you,

Sincerely in Him,

Jeanne Conte

Here are your people in Gaza as massacred by their Israeli captors:


Papal visit bittersweet for Gaza Catholics  [click for the Middle East Times]
Gaza Christians question timing of Pope's visit to the Holy Land [click for Agence France Presse audio]
Father Dave [Anglican priest, Australian] makes his appeal:


I have read what is written in the petition before signing and I don't agree to some of what is written there such as "In many ways, the Israelis, too, live in fear, distrust, and uncertainty". I want the whole world to visit Gaza, not only the Pope, in order to see what the Israelis are causing to our people and condemn and act against what is going in Palestine. I don't agree that Israelis live in fear and this is why they are making us suffer, but they do this since they are occupiers, and this happens as a result of occupation....so the occupation should come to END!! in order to stop the suffer of Palestinians.  Israelis suffered from European world and from Palestinians. We didn't cause them any harm...Plus they are the guilty in what happened in Gaza so why should we stress their fear?  And again to make myself clear, the Israelis did NOT do what they did in Gaza because they fear, but because they are occupiers ONLY!! They are guilty of WAR CRIMES!! they are NOT victims of what happened in Gaza, but THE GUILTY.

There is NO JUSTIFICATION to what happened in Gaza or in Palestine in general....this happened because Zionism is imperialism (occupation).

So I decided NOT to sign this petition. I wanted to share this with everyone to open your eyes... if you want the Pope to visit Gaza to support the people there, you could start another petition that tells the truth...

I don't accept any justifications for genocide and killing with cold blood. 

In addition, this Pope never was a peacemaking, the opposite he was always a trouble maker, involving/enhancing politics with religion, and advocating/speaking for the "powerful politicians"....


Samia Makhoul

"Expectations are low for the pope's visit to the Holy Land, but I am ready to be surprised" by Drew Christiansen, SJ.  [click for America Magazine]
"What Jesus Might Tell the Pope Regarding Gaza" [click for Eileen Fleming's article]
"Pope snub upsets Gaza Christians" [click for the Christian website of Nazareth]
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John Paul II His visit to Dehensheh

Pope John Paul II in the Holy Land

What a Day! Dehehsheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, March 22, 2000
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Expectations of the Pope in Gaza

As governments, kings, queens, presidents, ministers, and the UN have failed to bring peace to the Middle East and especially to the Holy Land, THE POPE SHOULD USE HIS VISIT TO THE HOLY LAND as a way to speak out and offer: PEACE, JUSTICE AND TRUTH.


The Internet, You Tube, Satellite television, radio broadcasting, newspapers, and journalists should do truthful, and  objective reporting in search of the truth, exposing the reality of what is happening in the Holy Land. The example of the massacre in Gaza should bring all people to speak out and change the Middle East world. WE CANNOT EXPECT LESS FROM THE PEOPLE.


What is expected from the Civil leaders and the people of Palestine and the Middle East? When the US is trying to create a new Middle East based on its policy in the world, civil authorities and the people of the Middle East are subjected to all kind of hegemony and injustices. WE EXPECT THE POPE TO SPEAK ABOUT THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE FOR JUSTICE, TRUTH, AND PEACE


The New Middle East should be based on justice for all, equality for all, peace for all, equal opportunity for all, and freedom for all. A New Middle East based on injustices is a human rights tragedy, and the people of the Middle East will not accept it. THE POPE SHOULD SAY HIS truthful word to the world and take a stand for all for justice and truth. People cannot wait any longer; the opportunity of the visit of the Pope is important for all. Religious Leaders in the Holy Land asking the Pope to visit Gaza.


The whole world is expecting THE POPE TO TAKE THE LEAD, As politicians, civil leaders, kings, queens, presidents, and ministers have not been able to bring justice and peace to the Holy Land, THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE be obliged to call on the religious leaders in the land that started their religions and call for truth, justice, and peace. The Pope could call on various religious leaders--Jews, Christians and Muslims--to join him in Gaza and pray for peace and justice. He could call for peace and for an end to the siege and apartheid.

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