Letter from the Holy Land to those who celebrate Christmas

Letter Six

"Jerusalem First" by Michel Sabbah, Latin Partriarch of Jerusalem Part Two for November 24- November 30

"Brothers and Sisters,

We also believe that violence cannot but generate violence. Only peace can produce peace. It is only through respecting and guaranteeing basic human rights and human dignity that peace will be maintained. We sincerely are calling upon the Israeli authorities, with the primary aim to reach the needed security for the Israeli people himself, and we say to them that security cannot become a reality without insuring the same security to the Palestinians in Jerusalem and in all their cities. We urge them to reactivate the Peace Process and without any more delays or hesitations.

Time is not working for the peacemakers. Rather, time is costing immeasurable pain and suffering and is only benefiting extremism and violence. We do not want that violence be the only language that moves issues and alert authorities, but let wise determination and good intentions the motive for moving the Peace Process.

It is also clear, at this stage, that the question of the Holy City is the main nerve in calming down the whole situation: Jerusalem first and foremost; The question of Jerusalem must be examined and negotiated, despite the difficulties and challenges

Since the first day, we visited along with the Patriarchs of the Holy Land the wounded at the Makased Hospital, then we proceeded to the High Islamic Council where we ensured our Muslim brothers about the unity of our one Palestinian people: Muslims and Christians, and the necessity of the Muslim Christian dialogue for the daily life requirements.

At the same evening. we paid a visit to the Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Eihud Olmert and expressed our concerns about the events in the Holy City and the Palestinian Cities. We expressed our condolences for the deceased and injured from the Israeli side, and made clear that the security of the Israelis should be built on the Palestinian security and on easing the great sufferings of the people.

We ask all our sons and daughters to pray God that peace may return. With the Palestinian and Israeli authorities, we call to come back to tranquillity, so that the peace process could be resumed with new determination. Pray to God that He may grant us peace and tranquillity, that he may put in the minds of Palestinian and Israeli leaders wisdom and prudence so as to go out the tunnel of fears and hesitation, to build a new civilization founded on peace, justice and love, in the Holy Land and throughout the whole region."

Again and again calls for prayers and for JUSTICE and PEACE. Christmas is around the corner. Jesus is the prince of peace. He came to give us peace. The Angels chant at his birth "PEACE ON EARTH". Help us in working for Justice and peace. Tell all your friends about the sufferings in the Holy Land. Ask them to take a stand. Yes a stand is needed, so that you may celebrate in peace of your heart CHRISTMAS. God bless you.

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