Letter from the Holy Land to those who celebrate Christmas

Letter Five

" A call for Peace and prayer" From Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem First Part For November 17-November 23

"We are part of all what has been happening in Jerusalem. We are part of the Holy City, and of all happenings in it. The sufferings of all the residents of this city, Palestinians and Israelis alike, are our sufferings too. Our prayer is that, one day, peace, based upon justice, truth and trust, may become a reality in the hearts of all the components of the City.

We believe that the direct reasons beyond the outbreak of the violence wave triggered by the tunnel incident and spread throughout the Palestinian cities, are the jamming of the peace process along with all the accumulated injustice and sufferings of People in the Palestinian cities, the repeated closures of the Palestinian cities and especially of Jerusalem, the continuous land confiscation aiming to expand the Jewish settlements, the effort to reduce the Palestinian Christian and Muslim presence in Jerusalem through confiscating the ID's of Jerusalem residents who live, for any reason out side the Holy City's borders whether in the Palestinian regions or aboard, the demolishing of houses, the holding of Palestinian prisoners, and the continuous humiliation and harassment in the way of dealing with Palestinians, and finally the worsening of the situation of daily living to a miserable level.

We ask all our sons and daughters to pray God that peace may return. With the Palestinian and Israeli authorities, we call to come back to tranquillity, so that the peace process could be resumed with new determination. Pray to God that He may grant us peace and tranquillity, that he may put in the minds of Palestinian and Israeli leaders wisdom and prudence so as to go out the tunnel of fears and hesitation, to build a new civilization founded on peace, justice and love, in the Holy Land and throughout the whole region."

Would you please pray with the Patriarch for peace and Justice? Could you just go to you Church and say a private prayer for those who are waiting to celebrate Christmas? Christmas in the Holy Land needs you. Copy this letter give it to your friends, sent it to all the servers and let everybody do what he can and should do for peace and JUSTICE . Do not let Christmas come and you did not do any thing to advance the Cause of Peace and Justice in the Holy Land. Thanks.

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