New revelation about 1967 war

Sun, 8 Jun 97

From: (Issa Sarras)


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Governments should not be trusted, said A. Einstein, and a good number of decent scientists and intellectuals who lived during this century. But they often spoke to deaf ears.



Haaretz, Friday May 30, 1997 mossad.htm

Ex-Mossad chief : Mossad and CIA assessments were similar prior to June1967 Six Day War.

Yossi Melman

Thirty years after the 1967 Six Day War, former Mossad intelligence agency head Meir Amit has revealed that then-U.S. defense secretary Robert McNamara asked him only two questions prior to the war: how long would it take, and how many casualties Israel foresaw.

Meeting the defence secretary and his CIA chief Robert Helms four days before the war began, Amit told them he planned to advise his government to go to war against Israels Arab neighbors. Asked his assessment of the fighting, Amit replied that he thought the combat would take about a week and exact fewer casualties than Israels 1948 war of indepence.

Amit told Haaretz in an interview he was dispatched to Washington by former prime minister Levi Eshkol, anxious to gauge the possible response of Israels close ally. Amit said he also met senior CIA research officials, who gave him assessments similar to his own concerning Egypts military forces, then concentrated in the Sinai desert. But Amit said Israel received no intelligence help from the United States. They knew less than we did about the Egyptians, he said.

On his return to Israel on July 3, 1967, Amit said he rushed to meet Eshkol and advise him to go to war immediately, free of concerns an Israeli offensive would trigger U.S. condemnation. They wont sit in mourning, if Israel fires the first shot, he reported to his superiors.

Two days later Israel launched its pre-emptive strike.