An other Misinformation on the Condition of Christians

By Fr. Dr. Labib Kobti

On an Article written by STEVE RODAN on The Jerusalem Post, Oct. 4, 1998, the Journalist referes to"The report, drafted by security officials for cabinet review, that says that The Palestinian Authority has intensified its effort to control Christian churches in Israe... and that the PA effort began with its takeover of churches in Bethlehem, including the Church of Nativity, and has now extended to churches and Christian sites in Jerusalem. These include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of Mary Magdalene...."

As REPRESENTATIVE of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the USA, I immediately called the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. They assured me that the report of the Jerusalem Post is not telling the TRUTH.

It is a new way to just divert the attentions on the main issues in the Middle East, when Secretary of State Madeline Albright will be in Israel and Palestine.

In fact, on a previous report from the Jerusalem Post on October 1997accused the P. A of persecuting the Christians in Palestine, the Latin Patriarchate have said that the report was completely untrue. Fr. Labib Kobti, representative of the latin patriarchate in the USA, have added that it was a BIG LIE.

The Previous report of Jerusalem Post (that accuses the P.A. of persecuting Christians, October 1997) was also published in different American and English Newspapers.

The Answers of the Church authorities were ignored or accused of supporting the P. A, just because they reported on the TRUTH of the situation.

If we study the facts today no one would believe that the P. A have persecuted the Palestinian Christians who feel as BLOODBROTHERS with the Muslims Palestinians. Then really the report was a BIG LIE. Otherwise how it could vanish if realloy there were any persecution. Facts on the Ground proved the misleading of the report.

Should we believe a "New misleading report"?

I invite the Newspapers to publish what is TRUE and not what serves the interests of some people who want only to harm the harmony between Muslims and Christians in Palestine and the Middle East, and pretend that Israel could be the SAVIOR of the Christians in Palestine. IT IS JUST A BIG LIE.

What happened in Lebanon some years ago, what is happening in Palestine today is a clear proof of the Strategic LIES and will not serve JUSTICE, PEACE and TRUTH.

Christians do not need anybody to protect them at all. They can defend themselves as they did always.

Palestinian Christian live as brothers and sisters with the Palestinian Muslims. They suffer the same way as anybody in Plaestine because of the Israeli Occupation: confiscation of their houses and lands, demolition of their houses, the jailing of their youth, the baring to visit Jerusalem the center of their Faith, the building of many settlements on their lands...

These acts of VIOLENCE that the Israeli do against the Palestinian People made the Christians and the Muslims more united to resist the Israeli Occupation, a basic right that the UN gives to every Occupied Territories and people.

The Latin Patriarchate is preparing an answer to that report so as to stop the misleading and the misinformation.

Fr. Labib Kobti