He wanted to Kill Muslims so as to defend Christians

Nov., 27, 1997

Dear friends, The lettert that I received shows you how the Christian-Zionists are trying to misinform their beleivers on what is goind on the Ground of our Home Countires. Their support to Israel is unbeleivable. Confiscating Palestinina lands (Muslism or Christian Palestinians), Demolishing Palestinian Houses, and Killing Palestinians are considered things that God have asked for...What kind of God, whoi is not LOVE, and do not treat the whole his HUMAN CREATURES as EQUALS.

Here are the letters:

Salaam Alaikum Nedda.

I am still looking for information on the political situation in Jordan, especially relating to any problems between muslims and christians. This search was actually prompted by a Christian student in my Arabic class at Cal. I asked him why he was learning Arabic. He answered that he is learning Arabic to go to Jordan to kill Muslims who are killing his Christian brothers, as he discovered from his friend or priest- I'm really not clear which.

This shocked me and I could not answer his claims because I had no knowledge on the political situation in Jordan. so I am interested in understanding what *is* going on there.

There is suddenly a great deal of destructive propaganda appearing about the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Jordan and Palestine. You are wise to be skeptical of reports that portray the communities at loggerheads. (This is not to deny that there is competition between the groups, just as there are rivalries within each community: the world is not rosy. But killings? Assasinations?)

It seems to me that such inflammatory reports distract and draw attention from the children dying from rubber-coated steel bullets, families split asunder, lands confiscated, houses demolished, curfews and collective punishments, political disenfranchisement, etc. The Christians and Muslims in Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine suffer TOGETHER far far more from Israeli actions than from violent behavior toward each other, IMHO.

But do not take my word for this. Contact Father Labib Kobti from the Arab-American Roman Catholic Community for further information: LabibKobti@aol.com. He and his Parish have a great deal of firsthand experience with the situation in Jordan and Palestine and he is very forthcoming.

Perhaps your student friend can contact him directly. Also, check out his website at: http://www.al-bushra.org

Please find below a posting from Father Kobti addressing allegations about Muslim-Christian rivalries in Palestine a few weeks ago.


Said Nuseibeh

Form Fr. Labib Kobti Al-Bushra

website at http://www.al-bushra.org

Thank you my friends,

I can assure you that there is no persecution of Christians in Jordan and there is none in Palestine. We do have Arab Roman Catholic Parishes, as well Orthodox parishes and we do not have at all any kind of persecution. On the contrary, just at the beginning of the month Jordan had its elections and a lot of Christian in Amman, Zerka, South and North of Jordan were elected.

I do not see from where these rumors come. If you have any question you can Email me, I can give you the last news as I represent the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Which means Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Cypress) I am in weekly basis in contact with our people there in Jordan, and Palestine-Israel. I am also Lebanese priest, I can speak also about my own country Lebanon. There is no persections either there.

What happened in Egypt was done by fanatic people, and not by the Governement or any governemental organizations. In every country we do have fanatics, in the USA fanatics had also burned Churches and killed Christians, can we speak about persecution of Christians in the USA, can we speak about Catholic or Protestant persecution in Irland when everybody knows that it is a political issue and not a religious one.

So please, tell your friend, or your priest not to buy lies.

If he has to know about persectution of Christians in the Middel East, he can come to me, and I can tell him that there is none.

A lot of people are misleaded and misinformed. The media try to show the Muslims as bad people, when they are our bloodbrothers and sisters. The Vatican in many appeals asked the world to be fair with Muslims and stop what it could be a cold war against our brothers and sisters the Muslims.

With love and respect to all,

Fr. Labib Kobti