Christian Peace Maker Team

Week of December 2, 1996

I am forwarding a message from Christian Peace maker team, this message speaks by itself as facts speak to minds and hearts: Let us pray and take a stand for JUSTICE AND PEACE, WE should say to our Government that they should say no to violence and discrimination in ISRAEL for the sake of JUSTICE AND PEACE. With love Rev. Labib Kobti


Week of December 2, 1996

The following are some doings and happenings not reported in other news releases:

Dec. 4, 1996

CPTers Anne Montgomery, Pete Byer, Wendy Lehman, Ben Kenagy and Elayne McClanen visit the Sharabati house near the Avraham Avinu settlement and are shown evidence of 10 eggs and one rock thrown at the house by settlers at 8AM that morning.

Local Kach activist and Tel Rumeida resident Baruch Marzel is freed from his house arrest by the Israeli authorities. Marzel has been responsible for organizing attacks on the Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida in the past. In the summer of 1995, more than twenty witnesses claim to have seen him shoot 16-year-old Ibrahim Idreis, who was visiting from Amman, Jordan. The military then finished Idreis off approximately five minutes later, according to Idreis's uncle who was visiting from Seattle.


Anne Montgomery, Ben Kenagy and Pete Byer stop in at the office of Defense for Children International (a Zurich-based organization that advocates for children.) While they are there they learn that the 6-month administrative detention of social worker Riyadh Za'aqiq has been renewed. (See Urgent Action Release.) The one remaining social worker in the agency tells the group that a four-year-old Palestinian girl who lives across from the Tel Rumeida settlement was picked up by an Israeli woman and dashed to the ground this week. He also tells the team that thirty percent of all injuries to children occurring in the West Bank happen in Hebron.


Ben Kenagy and Kathleen Kern walk to the Il Ibrahimi mosque during night patrol and find a large group of Israeli settlers scuffling with Israeli police officers in front of the police station. Another group of mostly young settler women are shrieking at border police who open and close the gate into the mosque area. Kern calls the rest of the team at the Abu Haikels and asks them to come down. Palestinians who live across from the mosque tell the group that one Israeli settler had thrown another to the ground because he had participated in a meeting with PLO President Yassar Arafat. In subsequent conversations with journalists and TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron) observers, they learn that one of the men arrested was Hebron settler spokesperson Noam Arnon. The actual reason for his arrest, according to a TIPH representative, was that he tore down a Waqf (Islamic Trust) sign in the Muslim side of the mosque.


While CPTers are having their morning worship in the park across from the mosque, a man who sells woolly hats approaches them and asks them to write something about his situation. His house lies near the route that settlers and soldiers take on Friday nights when walking from Kiryat Arba to the mosque. According to this man, the noise that the settlers and soldiers make on Friday evenings make it impossible for his children to sleep. He tells the team that he has talked to the police and to the military governor to no effect. He asks the team to talk to Bill Clinton. If he is able to do something about the noise, he says, he will send Clinton three hats.

An Israeli group from the town of Tivon in the Galilee visits Hebron with their children. Some of them belong to the Re-evaluation Co-counseling movement founded by Harvey Jenkins in Seattle. Members of the group tell CPTers that they came down to demonstrate that there are Israelis who do not walk around with guns and that peace must be made by ordinary people. They cause a great deal of consternation to Israeli soldiers when the group of about thirty adults enters the market with their children. In spite of the rain, the mood of the group seems happy and relaxed.


TIPH observers and a journalist report to Ben Kenagy that this morning at about 10 am, two settlers dressed as Arabs attempted to enter the Muslim side of the Il Ibrahimi Mosque. They were discovered and taken to the police station. The same journalist reports that last night, two men, claiming to be members of the Shin Bet (Israeli intelligence), demanded to be let into the Muslim side of the mosque. The guard unlocked the door and permitted them entry. Once inside, they beat the guard and left him for dead. The guard is now in the hospital."

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