“Holy Land: Knowledge in order to be able to love and serve”

Posted on Nov 23, 2018

It all began with Francis, who visited the Holy Land 800 years ago and desired, even personally, to care for the places where Jesus Christ had lived his earthly life. Since then he established the overseas Province, “The Custody”, which still operates today, working alongside the Friars Minor, cooperating with collaborators and volunteers and religious of other Congregations who cooperate in the Sanctuaries, Schools, Libraries, Museums and all other sectors of the mission that have developed over the years. In order for the service to be carried out successfully, it is necessary to get to know this centuries-old history! And for this reason, the Training Course for the Collaborators of the Custody of the Holy Land was promoted.

Custos of the Holy Land

“Knowledge in order to serve. To know the reality of the Holy Land and of the Custody of the Holy Land in order to participate and share in this mission, which is a providential mission, and also to share the service, because the volunteers and all the collaborators who collaborate with the Custody of the Holy Land are also themselves a part of this mission!”

Among the testimonies of the witnesses who spoke, Fr. Antônio Louxa, a Franciscan friar, told of his missionary experience in Syria and encouraged the participants to never be afraid to announce the word and love of God!

Latin parish of Damascus

“The Lord, Himself, wanted us here. Even amidst all dangers we must be strong, confident of his presence and, as he intended us, instruments of His peace, to bring peace and hope to the souls who have been entrusted to us (…) “.

The Charisms of Francis were confirmed by the Church, which later repeatedly renewed the mandate of the care of the Franciscans to the Holy Places. A mission in which they participate actively. In addition to the Friars Minor, there are religious, and lay people from the most diverse countries of the 5 continents!