Help us celebrate the Four Homes of Mercy’s 75th Anniversary!

Posted on Nov 2, 2019

Image: Ibrahim and the sheep!

Ibrahim and the sheep!

75 years of ministry and miracles:

Seventy-five years ago this month, acting on her passionate realization that we are called to serve one another—especially those in great need because of physical, mental challenges, or family circumstances, Katherine G. Siksek, God’s faithful servant and daughter of Jerusalem began the Homes with two beds in a tiny house in Beit Sahour. 

Helped by the hard work of many, locally and globally, and responding to the changing needs of the region, the Homes 75 years of service have provided:

  • 8,600+ invalids with a home, medical care and rehabilitation services
  • 185 foster children with a home, schooling, medical care—often into adulthood, and an alumni community many of whom still gather often.
  •  18,433 babies born at St. Mary’s Maternity Hospital in Beit Jala (closed when the military made reaching St. Mary’s nearly impossible and other resources became available to local mothers)
  • 201 licensed practical nurses—graduates of the  Homes’ nurse training program—closed for financial reasons—and the opening of other nursing schools,
  • A training site for the next generation of Palestinian professionals in the fields of nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

And innumerable, marvelous changes in our people:

  • Manal has progressed from being a  reclusive child unable to walk or care for herself to a young woman who walks with a frame, feeds herself, maneuvers her wheelchair wherever she wishes, participates in making crafts and parties,
  • After many years of therapy and encouragement, Samir, a child with cerebral palsy, abandoned by his family, has stood on his legs for the first time!  He’s also managed to pound the piano—with both hands.
  • Abla has progressed from incessantly tossing a scarf back and forth to playing ball happily with staff,
  • Hani eagerly greets visitors, assists others with their wheelchairs, runs errands for staff, nearly always with a cheerful smile—an enormous improvement over the days he spent abused by his father and stepmother and locked in a room.
  • Ibrahim, our guest for 58 years, who’d never before seen a sheep, happily held one in his lap!

The miracles:  all of this, despite:

  • The Nakba
  • The 1967 war
  • Two intifadas
  • The Gulf War
  • Inflation so rampant shopkeepers could not keep prices on goods
  • Constant political instability
  • The on-going occupation which increases logistical challenges and erodes hope….

Today, on the Homes’ 75th anniversary, we recall and honor the words of Henrietta Siksek Farradj, Katherine’s daughter who ably continued this ministry for 40 years:

“In Bethany, (El Eizarieh) is a beautiful building where good deeds take place and kindness prevails.

These are the Four Homes of Mercy, often referred to as the Madam Siksek Homes, “Malja Madame Siksek’ for the woman who envisioned it all and in 1940, assisted by a team of local woman, helped start a service formerly  unfathomed.

This is where HOPE walked in and created a Home, where the sad of heart have been comforted, the invalid has found shelter, the maimed and disabled have receive treatment.   Those needing a home and care have received both.

Along with Hope have come therapies of all kinds-physical, occupational, recreational, and rehabilitation.  University students have come to observe, and learn and filled the place with their open hearts, ready hands and hard work to bring hope to those who formerly were hopeless.”

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