A letter from a Christian Youth Group in Ramallah
February 26, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

By the name of St. Andrews Youth Church in Ramallah-Palestine, we would like to share with you our pain, suffering and what we face these days from dangerous and aggressive attacks form Israeli occupation to our land-land of Jesus.

As Christians living in the Holy Land since 2000 years ago, holding the declarations of peace that Jesus initiated, we ask you to support us in our time of suffering from the consequence of war. By sharing us in our prayer for peace.

Itís a pity that after twenty century the Holy LandĒ Land of Jesusď where he first called for peace, forgiveness and loveliness between people are still looking for that peace. Jesus has taught us to love and forgive each other, as well as our enemies, and that we are trying to do. Looking backward in history how Israel took our lands forcing Palestinians to leave their homes to become refugees and immigrants. During the establishment of the Jewish entity in 1948, Israel occupied more than 75% of our land and left more than half of our people homeless. But the story didnít stop their after 19 years in 1967 Israel occupied the rest of our land Palestine which led to more and more people leaving their land looking for shelter.  Isnít that a pity that the people of the Holy Land, the home for peace and justice, are forced to move away?!!!

Since the beginning of the Palestinians ordeal due to the Israelis aggression, we are trying to get back our stolen land. Despite the suffering and the injustice that the occupation is causing us, we are still seeking peace and looking for our independence. But Israeli policy is to destroy all the peace initiatives by violating our basic and essential human rights of living.

Fifty-three years of suffering is enough for 6 millions Palestinians to have the right to live just like other human beings. So donít let the darkness of war against terror blind your eyes and forget us, we need your support and prayers for us to live in dignity and to our children to have a better future.

We will provide you with a full description of our situation in the coming letters
The youth of St. Andrews in Ramallah