VATICAN, Mar 7, 02 ( -- In a sharply worded
new article, the official Vatican newspaper has said
that violence in the Holy Land is "a profanation of God
and man," and criticized international leaders for
being "slow to intervene."

L'Osservatore Romano expressed surprise that the latest
rash of violence-- "100 deaths in one week"-- had not
been enough to convince the leaders of the Israeli and
Palestinian leaders that it is time "to welcome appeals
for peace."

But the Vatican newspaper added some pointed criticism
of other world leaders. Pointing out that the violence
in the Holy Land "threatens to throw an entire region
into chaos," L'Osservatore Romano asked rhetorically
why "the international community-- which on other
occasions have been prompt to mobilize itself-- is so
slow to intervene in a decisive manner."

L'Osservatore Romano noted with regret the cancellation
of a scheduled concert by an Israeli orchestra
conducted by Daniel Barenboim, which was to have taken
place in Ramallah, on the occupied West Bank. Barenboim
said that the concert-- by a Jewish orchestra, in a
Palestinian town-- might have helped to convey the
realization that "Palestinians are not all suicide
bombers, and Israeli soldiers are good for something
other than shooting, but in the end we are all human