Catholic World News Headlines
Date: 4/2/2003 2:49:11 PM Pacific Standard Time


Speaking at a UN session on disarmament, the representative of the Holy See has called for "a clear message in favor of the force of law and not the
law of force."

Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Vatican's permanent observer at the UN, addressed the annual session on disarmament on Tuesday; his speech was made available by the Vatican on April 2.

Without explicitly mentioning the war in Iraq, the archbishop said that previous UN statements in favor of disarmament "seem that much more significant today, when the world once again finds itself listening the mounting rumble of arms." He called for a renewed commitment to negotiations as a means of resolving international disputes, and a means of arriving at agreements on "concrete disarmament measures."

A plan for nuclear disarmament must include "techniques of mediation, negotiation, and verification," the archbishop said. Those concrete measures should be designed on the basis of a broad agreement that disarmament is a worthy goal, he argued.

Archbishop Migliore again made an indirect allusion to current events-- specifically, the peace protests in cities around the world-- when he mentioned "the extraordinary mobilization of men and women that we see almost everywhere, in these very days," promoting "the cause of peace." He cited these demonstrations as evidence of "a heartfelt aspiration among peoples to live in security, in justice, in hope, and in a culture of peace."