From The United Nations News Service

UN conference calls for pressure to force Israel to bring down separation wall

8 September Civil society organizations have committed themselves
to pressure their governments to condemn Israel's "separation wall"
in the occupied West Bank as part of its pattern of illegal
settlement activity, according to a plan of action adopted by the
United Nations International Conference of Civil Society in Support
of the Palestinian People.

Agreeing on the outline for the "Bring Down the Wall" campaign
contained in the Action Plan, adopted at the end of the conference
last Friday, civil society organizations also committed themselves to
combining resources to educate the public, increase pressure on
governments to condemn the wall's illegality and demand its immediate

Israel says the barrier, a complex series of walls, barriers,
trenches and fences within the occupied West Bank that has nearly
encircled and isolated some Palestinian towns and villages, is a
security operation necessary to keep out suicide bombers.

The conference was organized by the UN Committee on the Exercise of
the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People in New York.