Statement by Palestinian Journalists

21 January, 2002,

We, Palestinian journalists, broadcasters, local and foreign
correspondents in the Hebron region of the west Bank strongly condemn the
systematic Israeli rampage of terror and vandalism against the Palestinian
media of mass communication.

The destruction of the Palestinian Radio and Television headquarters in
Ramallah on Friday 18 January, along with the unmitigated  harassment,
arrest, beating, and shooting of journalists in the filed, all testify to
Israel's utter disregard for the rights and lives of journalists and
malicious intent to attack and even kill the messenger.

We, therefore, call on our colleagues around the world and urge all peace
and freedom-loving people wherever they may be to:

First: Strongly condemn Israeli targeting of Palestinian media institutions.

Second: strongly condemn the deliberate targeting, harassment and
persecution of Palestinian journalists.

Third, strongly condemn the draconian Israeli measures against Palestinian
media organs and journalists.

Fourth, call on political bodies and states to make every conceivable effort
to put an end to the criminal and genocidal Israeli onslaught against the
Palestinian civilian population, including the wanton demolition of homes
and the indiscriminate bombardment of population centers.

Fifth, support the deployment of international troops onto the West Bank
and Gaza Strip for the purpose of providing protection for the Palestinian
people from Israeli brutality and repression.

Thank  you very much

Palestinian journalists - Hebron District