Sabeel Statement

March 13, 2002

In the context of the rapid escalation of conflict in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, and in Israel, we at Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center remember the call of the prophet Micah to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.  In the spirit of this call we ask the global community of every family, language, people, and nation:

1.      to call for an end to Israelís illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem implementing UN Security Council Resolutions 194, 242, and 338;

2.      to demand Israelís compliance with international law and the IV Geneva Convention  on the protection of civilians in occupied territories, including

·        fulfilling nationsí obligations under the IV Geneva Convention to intervene and bring to an end the present deadly cycle of violence caused by the current Israeli incursions into Palestinian refugee camps and cities, the continuing bombardment of civilian areas, and the terror it has created on both sides;

·        to end the Israeli policy of collective punishment and humiliation of the whole Palestinian population;

·        to require Israel to end the killing of Palestinian doctors and other medical workers and targeting of ambulances and all other Grave Breaches of the Convention, which constitute war crimes;

1.      to support the protests against the Occupation voiced by Palestinians and those Israelis who stand for a just peace;

2.      to honor, encourage and stand in solidarity with the many people who are engaged in non-violent resistance

3.      to pray for the victims of violence, the wounded, and all of their families on both sides of the conflict;

4.      to support church-related and other international programmes of monitors to the Occupied Territories for the protection of Palestinian civilians, and again call upon the world community to provide the same.

The Palestinian people have the right to struggle for freedom and independence.  Occupation is the source of this conflict.  Until it ends more suffering will take place.  We appeal to the global community to bring about a just resolution to this long-standing conflict by upholding international law and enforcing the implementation of all relevant UN resolutions and the Geneva Conventions.