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              INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE -- November 3, 2000


1. Despite the Oslo Agreements signed since 1993, the State
of Israel continues to occupy and largely control the lives of the
Palestinian people in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem,
and the Syrian people in the Golan Heights;

2. Since September 28, 2000, the Palestinian people have
been engaged in an uprising against the Israeli military

3. Israel has, in order to suppress this uprising, intensified its
violations of international law and used excessive use of force in a
disproportionate reaction against Palestinians, including shelling
and firing at Palestinian cities from tanks and helicopters;

4. The UN issued Resolution 1322 condemning Israel's
excessive use of force and calling for the establishment of an
international inquiry to investigate the deaths of over 160
Palestinians, 8 Israelis and over 4000 wounded Palestinians;

5. Amnesty International has issued a report condemning
Israel's excessive use of force as possible war crimes;

6. Physicians for Human rights issued a report on November
3, 2000, in which one of its findings was that Israeli Defense
Forces violated international law as follows: "The numerous head
and eye injuries, the high proportion of thigh wounds and fatal
head wounds, and the fact that similar patterns of such shootings
occurred over a period of weeks demonstrate two disturbing
patterns: 1) IDF soldiers are not firing only in life threatening
situations and 2) they are firing at heads and thighs to injure and
kill, not to avoid loss of life and injury.";

7. On October 3, a week after the bitter fighting and killing
began, the United States government announced it would provide
Israel with the largest purchase of military helicopters by the
Israeli Air Force in a decade;

8. The sale of military helicopters was condemned by
Amnesty International (October 19), in so far as "US-supplied
helicopters have been used to violate the rights of Palestinians
and Arab Israelis during the recent conflict in the region";

9. A Pentagon official recently acknowledged that "anti-tank
missiles and attack helicopters are not traditionally considered
tools for crowd control";

10. One-fifth of the population of Israel is Palestinian, of which
half are internal refugees, who continue to suffer from
discriminatory and segregationist policies favoring the Jewish
citizens of Israel;

11. In September and October 2000, 13 Palestinian citizens of
Israel were killed and hundreds injured by Israeli police;

12. The progressive community of Jewish and Palestinian
citizens of Israel is isolated and under attack within Israel and has
called for progressive forces in the United States and
internationally to pressure the United States government and to
educate the people in the United States about the apartheid
regime that is forming in the area;

13. The US government has undermined a fair and just
resolution of the Palestinan/Israeli conflict by its persistent
support of Israeli impunity in the face of international law and its
massive funding of the Israeli military and nuclear weapons

Therefore, be it resolve, that the National Lawyers Guild:

1. Calls on the international community to immediately
provide international protection for Palestinian civilians;

2. Calls on the international community to take all necessary
steps to enforce the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention
in the Occupied territories, beginning with reconvening the
Geneva meeting of member states which was postponed
indefinitely in July 1999;

3. Calls on the United States government to cease its
monopoly over the peace process and work together with the
United Nations and others to forge a new paradigm for
negotiations based on international law, UN resolutions and on
justice and equality for all residents, Jewish and Palestinian, in the

4. Calls on the United States government to immediately halt
all foreign aid to Israel that is used by Israel for ends that violate
the rights of the Palestinians and Syrian residents of the Golan,
until Israel complies with international law-- including the United
Nations Charter, UN Resolution 194, the Fourth Geneva
Convention, and the Convention on the Elimination of Racial
Discrimination-- and calls on Congress to use its oversight power
to ensure that no aid given to Israel is used for the
aforementioned illegal purposes;

5. Calls on the United States to freeze immediately all sales of
weapons, military hardware and weapons technology to Israel
and the Israeli arms industry until Israel ceases to use these
weapons on Palestinian civilian populations;

6. Calls on the Israeli government to immediately cease its
use of military force including tanks, missiles, live ammunition
and metal bullets coated by rubber, dismantle its military
occupation, fulfill its agreement to implement UN Resolution 194
and allow for international protection to b provided for
Palestinian civilians;

7. Recognizes the right of Palestinians to self-determination
and the right of return of all Palestinian refugees in accordance
with UN Resolutions 194;

8. Calls for the elimination in Israel of laws, institutions,
regulations and practices which have the purpose or effect of
discriminating on the basis of religion, national or ethnic origin,
sex or race;

9. Directs the National Executive Committee to communicate
this resolution to the President of the United States, the
Department of State, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, the
United Nations, the International Association of Democratic
Lawyers, the Palestinian Bar Association, the Israeli Bar
Association and other relevant governmental and other bodies.