Received on May 28th

Important figures on what is happening to Palestinians

Here below is the translation of a report issued recently
By the Palestinian Center for Justice and Peace in Amman, Jordan.

The report indicates the following figures until end of April 2002.
- The number of martyrs is 1677, among whom
- 450 children
- 1198 students
- 230 of security forces
- 70 women
- 46 martyrs at the Israeli military barriers
- 150 assassinated by Israel
- 48 killed by the Israeli settlers

The number of the wounded is: 40,000
The number of the detainees is: 10,000

Also, the report added the following: The occupying forces has committed since the beginning of the Intifada :
- 500,000 fruit trees uprooted or scrapped.
- 58,000 acres of the planted land were scrapped
- 151 water wells and irrigation canals were destroyed, in addition to
- 72 farmer houses
- 71 chicken and animal breeding enclosures, as well as killing and poisoning all that is kept inside, and destroying the agricultural test centers and relevant crops.
- Confiscated more than 20,000 acres south of Tolkarm city.
- Moved the green line 1 - 2 kilometers inside the Palestinian Authority land.

Also, they committed the following:
- 900 houses were damaged or completely destroyed.
- In Jenin alone 600 houses were completely destroyed, 200 houses were unfit to live in; accordingly 1250 families were homeless in Jenin camp only.
- 16 of the first aid personnel were killed, other 600 were wounded, 80 ambulances were destroyed and 125 others were damaged.