International Solidarity Movement
August 5, 2002

Statement from Activists in Ramle Prison

We can all vividly remember the five day long siege of the city of Nablus and the atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation forces as we sit in jail and wait to return to loved ones.

We condemn the excessive use of force in what was at all times a peaceful demonstration defying the unjust imprisonment of the farmers of Huwara. The attempt to expel humanitarian workers, activists and denying media coverage only reinforces our belief that Israelis so called ‘war on terror’ is a smokescreen for the continual oppression of the Palestinian population.

We are now even more determined to expose the brutality of occupation.


Benoit Granet - France

Pierre Coulon - France

Phillipe Armaug - France

Adam Shapiro - Brooklyn, NY

Charles Williams - Vermont

Javier Cortez - Los Angeles, CA

Salah Afifi - Dublin, Ireland