Appeal for an end to the humanitarian nightmare in the Palestinian territories
From Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR)
March 12, 2002

We just received word that Physicians for Human Rights is calling on
everybody and anybody to talk to whoever you can - Political officials,
diplomats, etc.  The situation is even worse than reflected here because Red
Cross vehicles which were accompanying Red Crescent ambulances were fired on
a few hours ago and they have ceased accompaniment.  This means that all
medical services in Ramallah are totally cut off at this point.  Doctors and
patients can not get to the hospitals.  PHR is currently trying to help a
pregnant woman in El-Bireh get to a hospital, there are people who are
wounded.  Even as we mourn Israeli victims of today's terror attacks, we
must not lose our humanity.  Please contact whoever you can.  Our website
contains contact info for Israeli officials.

The ‘Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees’ and  ‘Physicians for
Human Rights - Israel’ jointly appeal for an end to the humanitarian
nightmare in the Palestinian territories.

Ramallah is now under complete occupation, 120 tanks are present on the
streets, and both helicopters and tanks are bombarding different
neighborhoods with missiles. Two hospitals, the Ramallah Hospital and
Ramallah Maternity Hospital, have been fired upon by Israeli troops. Also,
as in many places in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, soldiers have this
morning fired upon two ambulances in Ramallah.

Additionally the Israeli army is preventing access to medical care for the
sick and wounded, by forbidding their movement to hospital, and also by
refusing medical teams access to them for treatment at the scene. Clearly,
preventing access to the wounded will lead to more deaths; preventing sick
people from receiving treatment will also contribute to more deaths.

We urgently demand action from the world - international and humanitarian
organizations must immediately force the Israeli government to halt this
atrocity. We call upon you to demonstrate, to call governmental
representatives, to take any action that will allow Palestinian wounded and
ill to receive medical treatment ­ preventing more unnecessary deaths. We
also plead for foreign governments to act to bring an immediate halt to this
aggression by the Israeli army, and an end to this humanitarian crisis.
For Details call:

Hadas Ziv 050-228599 (PHR-Israel)
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Fax: 972 2 566-2815
Mobile:  972 50 607034
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Pictures from RHR's "A Time To Plant" tree replanting program are available

 We continue to market olive oil from families prevented from doing so by
the closure.  (NIS 400 for a 17 liter jerrycan,  NIS 30/liter)  Checks for
olive oil can be made out to "Karen Asaf."  We also continue to collect
funds for: 1. Replanting trees. 2. Supporting families whose trees have been
uprooted/cut down for the 6-10 years necessary for a new tree to give fruit
or for a cut tree to regenerate. (This is what Palestinians have been
telling us is most important.) The financial loss to a family is NIS  300
($75) per tree per year. 3. Non-tree related humanitarian relief
(particularly for food).   Donations to the Olive Tree Campaign or for
humanitarian aid, in addition to and not instead of annual general donations
to RHR, can be sent directly to RHR, Yitzhak Elhanan 2  Jerusalem 92141
Israel, Bank HaPoalim branch 782, acct. #153380, or as donor advised tax
deductible donations to the New Israel Fund.  The Shefa Fund, 8459 Ridge
Avenue, 2nd floor; Philadelphia, PA 19128-2119; 215-483-4004 is also collecting tax deductible donations for this
endeavor   Please inform us of all bank transfers and donations via NIF or
the Shefa Fund, and their intended use, so that the money will be allocated