Pope Calls for an End to "Vortex of Violence" in Holy Land

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VATICAN CITY, JUNE 15, 2003 (Zenit.org) <http://www.zenit.org> .- John Paul
II encouraged the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and called for an end to
the "vortex of violence and reprisals."

"'There is no peace without justice; there is no justice without
forgiveness," the Pope said. "Addressing all the inhabitants of the Holy
Land, I remind them of this again today with greater conviction."

He made his comments when greeting the several thousand people who gathered
in St. Peter's Square today before the praying of the Angelus. The Holy
Father recalled the past week of violence in the Holy Land that resulted in
60 deaths and threatened the "road map" for peace.

Both sides run the risk of being caught in "an endless vortex of violence
and reprisals," the Pope warned.

For this reason, he exhorted "the international community not to tire of
helping Israelis and Palestinians to rediscover the meaning of man and of
fraternity, to build their future together."