Open  letter by Palestinian Refugee Camps Residents
To His Holiness  Pope John Paul II
October 22, 2001

Your Holiness Pope John II

Greetings and warmhearted feeling from the persecuted Palestinians who yearn for peace to prevail in the land of peace, the Holy Land.

We the residents of the refugee camps convey to your Holiness our suffering and agony

In Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ, the messenger of peace .The Entire Bethlehem area is being subjected to the most terrible kind of organized state terrorism where elderly, women and children are being killed in their besieged homes, Mosques, Churches and on the Holy Court ,where Your Holiness officiated a Holy mass last year .

We implore to Your Holiness to exert utmost to stop killings, devastations and all kinds of atrocities committed by the Israeli authorities, against our unarmed people in their cities, villages, and refugee camps.

We are in a drive need to prompt intervention of Your Holiness to stop the genocide being perpetrated against the children of Bethlehem whose blood was shed on the Manger Square.

May God keep Your Holiness for the persecuted people and the sake of people peace and Love.

Residents and organizations of Palestinians refugee camp

Popular Committee

Dheisheh camp, Bethlehem, Palestine

Tel 972-276 -276-4746


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