Received on Novemeber 28, 2000


Physicians for Human Rights-Israel submitted a report today, titled "Medicine under Fire -- October 2000", with severe conclusions, to the official Commission of Inquiry instituted by the State of Israel to investigate confrontations between Israeli police and Palestinian citizens of Israel, and between Jewish and Arab civilians, in the course of which 13 Palestinian citizens were killed, and hundreds were injured.

PHR-Israel's report is based on hundreds of first-hand testimonies, given by injured parties, eye-witnesses, doctors and other medical personnel.

Among the issues discussed in the report:

1.    Deliberate use of rubber and rubber-coated bullets, as well as live firearms, against unarmed civilians.

2.    Use of similar measures by security forces against civilians evacuating injured.

3.    Delay of ambulances and medical relief vehicles on their way to evacuation of injured; harassment of medical relief personnel.

4.    Issue of a general order requesting hospitals to disclose information to the police.

5.    The security forces, themselves suspect, were those qualified for requesting an autopsy: The majority of families were not offered the option of autopsy at all, and the few autopsies conducted were performed at the independent request of the families, without police initiation.

The report also emphasizes the issue of the attitude of government authorities and police to Arab relief organizations and Arab
hospitals in Nazareth.

For details, or for a synthesis of the report, contact Miri
Weingarten, 972-3-5664526