Orthodox Jews Condemn Media Blackout of Jewish Anti –Zionism Events
March 1, 2002
Statement from Neturei Karta - an Orthodox Jewish group

March 1, 2002 (Neturei Karta) -  Over the past several weeks various segments
of anti - Zionist, Orthodox Jewry have taken to the streets of Washington and
New York in order to protest the existence and actions of the state of Israel.

These efforts have had three things in common. They have been large, ranging
in size from hundreds to tens of thousands, featured speakers both articulate
and passionate and have been almost totally ignored by the media.

On the other hand a tiny crowd, led by the notorious anti - Gentile rabble
rouser, Avi Weiss, assembled in front of the PLO Consulate in Manhattan,
received widespread media attention. Of course, Weiss' message that the PLO be
banned from America due to its being a "terrorist organization" was more in
keeping with the attitude of an American media which by and large cringes
before Zionist power.

Indeed, Neturei Karta International staged a counter demonstration opposite
the Avi Weiss led affair. It called for the expulsion of the Israeli Consulate
from New York due to that nation's obvious status as a terrorist state. This
protest, equally well attended as that of the anti - Palestinian fanatics,
received no media coverage whatsoever.

It is most disheartening at a time when all pro Zionist attempts at solving the
Middle East conflict have resulted in yet another round of bloodshed, that the
American media should avoid covering those Jews who have never wavered in their
devotion to peace.

Traditional Torah understandings have, over the past century of Zionism's
existence, yielded a clear and consistent anti Zionist philosophy. This
philosophy has predicted that Zionism's success would inevitably result in
endless suffering for Jew and Gentile alike. Reality has, of course, validated
these predictions.

Tragically this Torah based path to path is not well known in many circles due
to the inexcusable media blackout

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