Message from Palestine
Date:  11/12/00 11:30:04 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Besan Omary)

Dear Friends,
Does any of you actually live in Palestine?
I do, the last two months have been hell for us here. I don't know from
where to start, you heard about the killings of innocent Palestinians. Now,
this murderous process has become a daily aspect of our lives, I sleep every
night to the sound of helicopters hovering around our houses getting ready
to bomb the next target. At the beginning, they used to bomb empty
buildings,but last night a Human-being was blown to peices by a missile. The
Martyr Osama Al-Baowab was hit by a direct missile last night near his house
in El-Bireh. The reason the Israelis used to explain this cold blooded
murder is that he was shooting at the nearby settlement, he did shoot a few
bullets that never reached his target. I ask you now: how can a missile be
used as an defense against a bullet?????? We Palestinian have absolutly no
weapons, and the Israeli forces shoot us with tank-bombs and missiles,
tank-bombs and missiles are usually used to burn down buildings, but they
came up with a more "creative" way and used it to blow up an innocent young
man's body into peices.
I wrote to you about Osama Al-Baowab not because he is the only martyrs,but
because I knew him. As a child,I lived in a Palestinian house facing the
Jewish Israeli settlement of "Psagot", Osama -May  He Rest In Peace- was one
of the young boys who lived in my neighborhood. I never spoke to him, but I
always saw him walking around. I moved out of that neighborhood 4 years ago,
two winters ago I saw Osama in the town of Ramallah,I was walking down the
street with my family members-who were visiting from Israel- and he mocked
them because they are Palestinians forced to live in Israel. I screamed at
him saying that we are all Palestinians, I am telling you the guy almost
screamed back at me but didn't because my father was there.
Last night, as I was trying to get my homework done while the electricity
was cut off due to Israeli air raids of the city, I heard from my friend
that a young man was blown to peices by a missile. This morning, I
discovered that this man is Osama Al-Baowab. I never knew the man,but still
I felt like I lost a beloved person to me. His face is now printed in my
mind,I see him where ever I look, how can this happen? Just a few years ago,
I saw him as a careless young man. But today, he is a martyr who died trying
to save me and you from Zionist murder.
This is very awful to say,but I have to say it to make you know exactly what
is going on here, his body was scattered around and so people went around
looking for the missing parts of his body. One of the parts was found in the
garden of my old house...
The International Media did not even mention this cruel murder, but they
repeatedly showed the Palestinian bullet that hit a window of a house in an
Israeli settlement but no human was hurt by it. THIS IS RACISM....
More than fifty thousand Palestinians walked in Osama'a funeral, the doctors
did not let his mother see him for the last time because his body was cut up
into small pieces...
we do not want your money,all we want is Justice and Freedom. WHAT CAN YOU
I wrote this message as a memory of Al Shaheed Osama Al-Baowab,his holly
blood is what will give me the power to go on until we free Palestine in his
A Palestinian under seige,
Besan Omary