Olive Branch - Issue No. 143 -
Saturday, 6 April 2002

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

Escalation of events and violence in every corner in every village, town and refugee camp.. lots of stories and sufferings that needs thousands of books to be written to record the black history of this Israeli government and aggression against civilians leaving more destruction, death and hatred. In one word: it is a real WAR waged by the strongest army in the region against the poor Palestinian people armed only with his will and determination to win the battle because he has the power of the truth and the international legitimacy.

I am sure that everything will finish sooner of later and history will write in golden characters the struggle of a people for his freedom and independence. I am optimistic even if nothing is clear in these sad and dark days… because I am confident that Mr. Sharon can never break the will of an innocent people and can never control a people forever.

Before leaving you with the following documents, I would like to thank all the churches, friends and partners who should us their solidarity, care and concern through their efforts, letters and prayers. We publish some of it in order to show how much everybody in the world is concerned about what is going in the Holy Land and in Bethlehem. I really hope that this concern will be translated in concrete steps which will give good and quick fruits on the ground because the situation is very grave and urgent.