Olive Branch - Issue No. 140 -
Tuesday, 26 March 2002

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,


As I expected, the number of those who participated at the Palm Sunday procession didn’t exceed more than 3 to 4 thousand, which is nothing compared with the numbers we used to have in the previous years. Nevertheless it was very calm and beautiful, because we wanted it to be a walk of penitence and prayer for peace. The Participation of Archbishop of Canterbury was very well appreciated and his short talk at the end of the procession in St. Anne’s Church was meaningful. It seems that he was touched and promised to work with all the religious leaders of the region in order to help both people build peace. He concluded his speech with a very interesting short story that I would like to share with you because I found it very significant for us in this particular period of time and might be useful for everybody everyday:

A spiritual leader asked his disciples: “How do they distinguish the night from the dawn of a new day”? One disciple said: “we can know the dawn when we can distinguish between a horse from a donkey”.  No told another disciple: “it is when you know a fig tree from an olive tree” No said the spiritual leader: “It is the dawn of a new day is when you can look at the face of a stranger and see the face of your father and your mother, your brother and your sister”.  The Archbishop concluded his talk with these words: “Your Beatitude, my brothers and sisters, I long for that day, the day of trust, the day of peace, next week when we celebrate the Resurrection let us look forward in hope”. Short story but great wisdom! Isn’t it?


While we are heading toward Easter, I send you some of the Easter messages I got until now and I hope that I will send you later the message of all the heads of Churches in Jerusalem which will be ready tomorrow and the message of our Patriarch also, hoping that these messages will give you an idea about how we live and feel in these day in the shadow of the difficult situation and in the light of the coming Easter.

Fr. Raed Abusahlia
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
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