Conference Resolution
Third International Conference
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation

National Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC

October 20, 2001

We Christians from across the United States, representing different Christian churches and denominations, gathered today for the Holy Land Ecumenical Christian Foundation Third International Conference at the National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, Saturday, October 20, 2001 resolve the following:

We condemn all acts of terrorism committed by individuals or groups of extremists and support U. S. efforts to bring terrorists to justice.

We ask for an end to state-sponsored terrorism in the Palestinian territories by the Israeli armed forces by demanding an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and domination of the Palestinian people.

We consider all Israeli Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza to be illegal under International Law and demand that further settlement activities cease.

We support the establishment of a Palestinian State with viable borders and East Jerusalem as its capital. We believe there must be a shared city for Israelis and Palestinians inclusive of Christians, Jews and Muslims

We call upon Israelis and Palestinians to go back to the negotiations table immediately.

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