From: (Ahmed Benani)

 Churches targets by Israeli gunners

Occupied Jerusalem:  13 November - Israeli troops on Sunday fired
artillery shells at an Orthodox Church in the West Bank town of Beit Jala,
injuring nine worshipers who had just finished Sunday mass.

Palestinian sources said Israeli tanks stationed at the settlement of Gilo
shelled the area despite the fact the streets were bustling with people.

"Only a miracle prevented the occurrence of a huge massacre. I can't
understand why these Zionist beasts seem so intent on slaughtering
innocent civilians," said Anton Hathweh, who himself escaped death.

He added rather angrily "where in the world tanks shell residential areas
like thisŠwhat do they want from us, where are human rights organizations,
why don't they condemn this barbarity, this murder."

Earlier, Jewish settlers opened fire at school children at the village
T'kou, east of Bethlehem, wounding two students, one critically.

Amer al Badan, 16, reportedly received 2 gunshots in his leg.

Moreover, Israeli tanks and helicopter gunships pounded Palestinian
population centers in the West Bank, including Beit Sahur, Khader,
Bethlehem, Ramallah and Jericho.

In Gaza, sources at the Shifa hospital in Gaza announced the death of
Ayman al Wadi, 17, of Khan Younis.

Wadi was shot dead by Israeli snipers near the Beit Hunun crossing at the
northern edge of the Gaza Strip.

So far, as many as 209 Palestinians, among them 40 children, were killed
by Israeli occupation troops since the outbreak of the intifada on 28

Around 10,000 Palestinian youths were also injured in the same period.