Press Release
By The Palestinian NGO Network
For the third successive day, Israeli occupation forces continue to occupy a number of Palestinian towns and villages, over which they took control and declared curfews.
This latest, but expectedly not last measure, adds to the well-documented series of violations practiced by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian population.
Under the claim that Israel is responding to the assassination of rightwing Minister Rehavam Ze’evi, the Israeli occupation authorities continue to implement the policy of land reoccupation and collective punishment against Palestinians.
In this context, the Palestinian NGO Network today reminds the international community that Israel has executed 61 assassination crimes against Palestinians up till now, the last of which was the assassination of three Palestinians in Bethlehem area on October 18, 2001.
In this context, the Palestinian NGO Network:
-         Expresses deep concern over the deteriorating, uncontrolled situation in the area
-         Renews calls for the intervention of the international community to put an end to the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian civilians
-         Reaffirms the immediate need for international protection force for the Palestinian population
-         Calls for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from all 1967 occupied Palestinian territories, and for the establishment of the Independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.
The Palestinian NGO Network