Neturei Karta International Statement on the Israeli Invasion

(April 5, 2002)

            Once again the pot has boiled over in the Holy Land. A century just ended -- in which Jewish, Muslim and British blood was incessantly spilled on sacred soil -- has yielded a new century, with no respite in sight. Yesterday’s horrific details pale before those of today.  A certain fatalism seizes all participants. This is the way it always was. This is the way it always will be.

            But the truth is that it wasn’t always so. And the truth is that it need not be so.

            Jews and Muslims lived amicably in Islamic countries down through the centuries.

            And, given this fact, the source of the current conflict is not some mysterious, indecipherable puzzle.

            The ultimate source of the suffering in the Middle East is Zionism.

            Zionism is the tragic abandonment, by some Jews, of our only calling as a nation -- to serve the Creator constantly. These poor souls, who followed the siren song of Zionist  ideologues far removed from Torah beliefs, have led the Jewish people to one catastrophe after another and plunged the Palestinian people into an all embracing tragedy.

Their  crime towards the Jewish people was and is simple. They have created the Israeli state, which has forced too many Jews out of our people’s traditional role as a people of peace, of empathy and of kindness and into an ill fitting costume of  military might and oppression.

            We of Neturei Karta International wish to make clear to one and all that Zionism, by virtue of its rejection of Torah fundamentals, is not a legitimate representative of the Jewish people.

To members of the media we wish to dispel the old canard that to be anti – Zionist means to be anti Jewish. Most believing Jews have rejected Zionism since its inception and continue to do so, although generally ignored by a fearful media to this day.

            To our Palestinian brethren we ask that you too do not fall prey to the Zionist propaganda line that would equate the heresy of Zionism with the faith of Judaism. Do not allow your just anger against the Israeli government to extend to individual, innocent and defenseless Jews.

            Now, as to Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people: We condemn the current assault upon the Palestinian people. We condemn the cruel occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

            And, here, we part company with some of our Palestinian friends – We also condemn the existence of the state of Israel forbidden to us by the Torah. Jews were not meant to be dispossessor of others’ property. Jews were not meant to wield tanks against children. Jews were not meant to wage war against any people on the face of the earth.

            It is high time that we return to our tasks of Torah study, prayer, modesty, faith and humility. Devotion to these agendas will ultimately yield the redemption of all mankind. So long as the evil and confusion sowed by the Zionist state continues, there will be no peace in the Middle East.

            Its peaceful dismantling will allow Jew and Palestinian to once again live in peace as they did throught the centuries.

            May we all live to see that day.

And, may we also merit the coming of the Messiah speedily in our days, so that all men united in peace will serve the Creator forever. Amen.

NKI is a world organization of Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism. They publish literature, host a web site and join in demonstrations in furtherance of this ideal recently three Rabbis of the movement spoke at the Un Conference on Racism held in Durban.


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