DAY 62
NOVEMBER 30, 2000 

Israeli forces opened fire at the Tekoa high school near Bethlehem today,
killing Waleed el Badan 17 and wounding ten others. Two students, Mahir
Nawadea, 17, shot in the abdomen, and Fat'hi el Baden, shot in the abdomen
and the left arm are in critical condition. LAW is currently investigating
the reason behind the shooting.
Sahdi Az'oul 14 was injured after being run over by a settler's car on Route
60 near Bethlehem. Eyewitness told LAW that a settler driving a white GMC
hit Az'oul as he was crossing the road near the Beitar settlement and then
drove off. According to the witness the road was empty of traffic and the
driver would have been able to see Az'oul crossing the road. Az'oul is the
second Palestinian child in two months to be involved in a hit and run
allegedly involving settlers.

In Gaza yesterday afternoon, Israeli military bulldozers leveled
agricultural land belonging to Atiyi Abu Tha'hir, east of Kosafim
settlement. In a separate incident, Israeli forces stationed at a military
barricade between Rafah and Khan Younis, opened fire on three Palestinians.
Mohammad Abu Eed, 26, was shot in the head and Abed el Arabi, 27, was shot
in the mouth. Both are in critical condition. The third man, Khalid Abu Eed,
27,was shot in the neck.

Yesterday evening, Israeli forces positioned in the Geni Tal settlement
fired at Palestinian homes in el Amal some 300 meters away from the
settlement.  Four people were wounded in the attack. Ameen Abu Muslim, 24,
was shot in the leg, Basam Saeed, 15, was shot in both legs, A'id Bri'eem,
22, shot in the left leg, and Adil Juda, 50, was shot in the foot.

The Israeli forces stationed at the Tufah crossing, near Khan Younis, fired
a rocket at the home of Muhsin el Batsh partially destroying the house and
injuring his two daughters. Inas, 16 was hit by shrapnel in the shoulder,
and Isra'a, 11, was hit in the head.

Israeli forces opened fire on the Hebron neighborhoods of Harit el Sheik,
Harit Abu Snaini, Bab el Zawyi, el Harayik, and Dahiyit el Zaytun. Five
homes and a shoe store were damaged.
Mohammad el Mash'harawi, 14, from Gaza, died from a head wound sustained
during clashes on November 19, 2000 at el Mintar crossing in Gaza.

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