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                           An Appeal
           From  the  Palestinian  Women  in  Jerusalem

            Jerusalem Center for Women <>

On this day the  29th  of  November,  which  coincides  with  the
anniversary of the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people,
we the Palestinian women in Jerusalem stand in peace with candles
in  our  hands  hoping  that  their  flame   would   bring   some
enlightenment to the dark  souls  and  minds  of  those  who  see
nothing but the sense of force and power.

The Palestinian people have had enough of deprivation,  suffering
and denial that their present predicament pauses as a mockery  of
justice in this age that  makes  great  claims  to  progress  and
civilization. These claims remain hollow unless and until  voices
of freedom and free will are raised in the defense of justice and
peace for all.

For peace, security and stability to  prevail  in  this  troubled
part of the world, we demand international solidarity and  action

* Put an end to one of the longest military occupations with  all
its   manifestations.   Fifty   two   years   of   dispossession,
uprootedness and dispersion is not a "benign" experience for  the

* Guarantee for the  Palestinian  people  the  right  to  self  -
determination which entails  the  establishment  of  a  sovereign
state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem) as its Capital.

* Hold  the  United  Nations  and   the  international  community
responsible for the  enactment  and  implementation  of  Security
Council   resolution   242   which   explicitly    states    "the
inadmissibility of acquiring territory by force."

* Hold the United Nation  and  international  community  and  the
perpetrator Israel morally  responsible  for  the  agony  of  the
Palestinian refugees. This requires the creation of  a  mechanism
to deal with the problem in accordance with the General  Assembly
resolution  194  which  calls  for  the  right  of   return   and

* Stop the aggression against the Palestinians and lift the cruel
siege on Palestinian cities, towns and villages.

* Call on Israel, a signatory to the forth Geneva Convention,  to
abide and honor its  articles  and  hold  all  other  signatories
responsible for monitoring the application of  these  conventions
in the occupied territories in Palestine.

* Immediately deploy international forces for the  protection  of
the unarmed Palestinian population: the  stone  is  by  no  means
equivalent to the  lethal  and  sophisticated  weaponry  used  by

We mothers, wives and daughters can no longer endure  seeing  our
loved ones  killed,  maimed  and  injured  on  daily  basis.  Our
Intifada is an expression of our quest  for  liberation,  freedom
and dignity. We appeal to all women of the  world  to  understand
our worthy cause and support us in our struggle for  justice  and

November 29, 2000