Palestinian Center for Human Rights
November 25, 2000   19:30 Palestine Time (17:30 GMT)
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Today, the Israeli occupation forces escalated their human rights
violations and killing of Palestinian  civilians.  A  Palestinian
laborer from Khan Yunis was killed with  a  shell  while  he  was
unloading a  truck  loaded  with  food  supplies.  Another  three
Palestinian civilians were killed in Jenin and Nablus  with  live
bullets shot by the Israeli occupation forces. In an  attempt  to
conceal these deplorable actions, the Israeli  occupation  forces
denied access to the Gaza  Strip  of  the  Amnesty  International
Mission team, headed by  Louise  Hodgekin.  This  is  the  second
consecutive day that AI has been denied  access  despite  advance
coordination undertaken by the office in London for the past four
days. This morning, the mission waited on  the  Israeli  side  of
Erez Checkpoint for several hours without being able to enter the
Gaza Strip. The past 24 hours witnessed the firing of shells  and
heavy and medium bullets at Palestinian civilians and  houses  in
Khan Yunis. PCHR is deeply worried by the lethal  use  of  force,
especially  the  firing  of  shells  and   live   ammunition   at
Palestinian civilians.  This  Israeli-perpetrated  escalation  of
violence is made more grave by the fact  that  the  international
community watches the massive human rights  abuses  committed  by
the Israeli occupation forces without taking crucial steps to put
an  end  to  such  violations  and  thereby  save  the  lives  of
Palestinian civilians.

This afternoon, at about 16:25 local time, the Israeli  occuption
forces, positioned at Al-Tuffah roadblock in  Khan  Yunis,  fired
shells at the Khan Yunis refugee camp.  One  of  the  shells  hit
Tayseer A'dnan Hammad Abu Al-A'rraj, 18 years old, in the  chest,
killing him. Eyewitnesses said that  Al-A'rraj  was  unloading  a
container loaded with flour, more than 250 meters away  from  the
military post of the  Israeli  occupation  forces.  PCHR's  field
officer reported that another shell penetrated the  side  of  the
container, making a hole 18 centimeters in diameter. Splinters of
shells wounded another two laborers; they are:

1) Rae'd Fayez Abu A'kkar, 18  years  old,  wounded  by  shrapnel
throughout the body; and

2) Hammad Fayez Abu Al-A'rraj, 18 years old, wounded by  shrapnel
in the feet.

Another shell hit an ambulance of  the  Palestinian  Ministry  of
Health, which was 150 meters away from the military post  of  the
Israeli occupation forces. As a result, driver A'wni  Hamdan  Al-
Agha, 47 years old, and nurse Sami Ibrahim Abu Namous,  30  years
old, were wounded by shrapnel throughout the body.  Additionally,
another 25 civilians were wounded, some seriously, as a result of
shrapnel from shells. Shells also caused damage to  an  ambulance
of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

PCHR's field officer in Khan Yunis reported that the area was not
witnessing  any  clashes  when  the  Israeli  occupation   forces
suddenly fired shells at Palestinian civilians. This incident  is
a serious escalation by  the  Israeli  occupation  forces.  These
forces  are  firing  shells  not  only  at  houses  and  civilian
facilities, but also directly against Palestinian civilians.

PCHR's field officer in Khan Yunis added  that  nine  Palestinian
civilians were wounded in the  area  (Al-Tuffah  roadblock)  this
morning, when the Israeli occupation forces shot  at  Palestinian
demonstrators. Another Palestinian civilian was wounded near  Al-
Mentar (Karni) Outlet, when the Israeli occupation forces shot at
Palestinian demonstrators this afternoon.