Letter from the Headmistress of The Arab Evangelical Episcopal School, Mrs.Samira Nasser, Ramallah Palestine
November 21, 2000

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

"My grace is all you need; power comes to its full strength in weakness"
                                                    (2Cor: 12-9)

This is my second calling and vision after eight weeks of misery, suffering, killing and funerals.  More than one quarter of the dead have been children under the age of 18, which means they are all students.

This crisis also jeopardizes the efforts that has been done through different institutions to find a mood of peace and understanding among children and elderly.

The responsibility of this conflict lies over the Israeli government, which rejects all the resolutions of the peace talks through the past five years.

The Education process, social, psychological, economical situation among children, students, parents is getting worst. People are facing daily difficulties due to the siege, curfews, roadblocks, closure, and firing with arms and other measures by the Israeli authorities, which resulted a major disruption of the daily life.

A symbolic site-in strike took place on November 14th in the ministry of education.  More than 800 participant were there, they came from government, UNRWA and Private schools in Ramallah, from all ages. Moslems and Christians.

Our school participation was represented by students from grades five, six and seven.  They carried banners and placards asking for protection to preserve their right to schooling and safety. The following are   samples of our schools' banners.

"Missiles will not deter us from learning"
"We are the future of Palestine, protect our lives we'll make it shine"
"Accessing my school is my human right"
Peace is our dream, occupation is our nightmare"

The children of our pre-school section and grade one insisted that we should arrange a march for them carrying the Palestinian Flags.  Monday the 20th of November, they did the march around the school singing national songs and asking God for his protection over their lives.  It was so meaningful and impressive, seeing the little ones praying and asking for peace.

Our deepest gratitude and thanks to St. Thomas Project outreach in Washington for their donation towards our scholarship fund.  This will help our families who face great difficulties in paying fees as a result of no work, due to the above-mentioned situation. On the other hand the school is also responsible to ensure payments to sixty staff members every month, which is a major problem to the school.  Your constant prayers to us is so much needed to enable us find ways and means to keep our educational process going on.

There will be no Christmas celebrations this year and this grieves me, as our little kids will not be able to perform the nativity peace message, to their parents and community around. No one on earth could believe that a stone can compete with tanks, guns and missiles.  No one can believe the aggression of the soldiers, while shooting  the children of 10 to 13 years old in cold blood.

I personally would like to ask a special effort from our dear friends and churches abroad, to represent us as apostles preaching for a true and just peace for our people in the Holy Land.  The Land of Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest is Love.
On behalf of our pupils, staff and employees I do thank you for your prayers and support. The Evangelical School will always remember you all and appreciate your   love and care .

In Christ's love
Samira Nasser