Nov. 2000

Dear Friends:

I believe that our struggle is with the American Public Opinion.
The UN, Europe or any country will not be able to help us.

Israel knows that only USA has the key and only USA can give them the green or rid light.

That is why I think if everybody starts to put a message, a banner, a sign in front of his door or window that looks to the street so people can see it.

If we can write a sing, work a sticker, or a message and put it on your car, at your shop, in your school that speak to the American Public opinion and change it every week.

This will help to change the things here in the USA.

The American Public Opinion freed Nelson Mandella after 28 years of Apartheid prison. The American Public Opinion brought back the American Marines from Vietnam, the American Public Opinion gave the Black African Americans their human rights in the USA.

The American Public Opinion will give the Palestinians after 32 years of Israeli Occupation their right to be a nation on their own land.

Poland did the same against the communists. In frond of every window and door the Polish people wrote: We do not want Communism.

Communist get the message and Poland is no more a communist country.

We can do the same.

Here are some suggestions of messages that you can write. (You can find a weekly message on www.Al-Bushra.org under Updates, you can use it or use your own)

1)The message should speak to the American Public Opinion and not to you.
2) It should give these who read it to ask questions and give you the chance to explain and EDUCATE THEM.

Examples of messages:

1) Palestinians call for justice and peace. We need to listen to them

2) We call for Justice for the Palestinians. We cannot tolerate any more their suffering.

3) Palestinians have been oppressed for 52 years, We need to give them al last some Justice.

4) Only Justice for the Palestinians can bring security for the ISRAELIS

5) We call on the USA Government to work for JUSTICE, Peace and TRUTH in the ISRAELO-Palestinians Conflict.

6) ISRAEL should implement the UN Resolutions after 32 year of ISRAELI OCCUPATION of Palestine

7) For 32 years ISRAEL with the support of the USA Administration  Israeli disobey to the UN Resolution and refuse to withdraw from the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES IN PALESTINE

8) ISRAEL stop killing the Children of Palestine (Almost 180 Palestinians killed, over 6,000 wounded)

9) Palestinians has the right to resist the ISRAELI OCCUPATION of their country. They are resisting the ISRAELI OCCUPATION with stones

10) The International Community has condemned ISRAEL  for the USE of Excessive force against the Palestinian Resistance. Israel continue to kill Palestinians


And soon with God's help we will see Truth, Justice and Peace for the Israelis ands Palestinians.

Fr. Labib Kobti