Date: 15/6/2003

The Medical Staffs in Gaza Strip Appeal the World


During the last few days, the continuous barbaric Israeli attacks has been stringently increased, which increase the burden on the medical staffs in Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation continue the war against our armless people using missiles, tanks, Apatchi gunships and F16. Targeting overpopulated areas at the most overcrowded time of the day, which causes the large no. of martyrs and injured. Moreover, the Israeli occupation uses the pin bombs that widely affect the people and duplicate the no. of victims (from them 80 children and 30 women). To reach 200 injured and 37 martyrs in 48 hours.

Responding to this critical situation, the Palestinian medical organizations working in the emergency field declared the high emergency case. To cope with the increasing no. of injured people.

In the same time, we hear the strongest condemn terms from the US government and      Mr. Kofi Annan the general secretary of the United Nations when one Israeli soldiers injured, we are choked by the carelessness about hundreds of killed and injured of the Palestinian people. Here we refuse and caused the double standard criteria of both US and Mr. Annan.

The Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) clearly noticed the total bias of the international regime for Israel and dealing with the Palestinian from racial view point. But also we strongly believe in the world people support for our people.

Here, we appeal all the popular movements, humanitarian and human rights organizations to:

1)                 Condemn the Israeli barbaric attacks on the Palestinians people.

2)                 Condemn the doubled standard policy of both US government and Mr. Kofi Annan.

3)                 Demand an intentional protection for the Palestinian people. At least the injured people rights to receive a convenient medical treatment in the convenient time.

4)                 Stop the Israeli measures that obstacle the medical staff missions in the hot areas and preventing them from offering the medical services for the injured people.

5)                 Urgent and direct support for the medical and health NGOs to continue in serving our needed people.


As it is so difficult to treated the medical case abroad, we appeal the specialist to volunteer in Gaza Strip, specially the following specialists:

1)                 Neuro-Surgery.

2)                 Cardio Surgery.

3)                 Vascular Surgery.

4)                 Re-constructive Surgery.

5)                 Ophthalmic Surgery.

6)                 Emergency Nursing.


Dr. Rabah Muhanna
Director of UHWC